Advice on how to take birth in a dog

Deciding to breed your dog, and after going through it, the owner for a long time left in the dark: a pregnant if his quadrupedal favorite?But the days add up to weeks.If it becomes just know that she is pregnant, and when to wait for the puppies?

Childbirth in dogs occur at 58-66 days after the last mating.How to prepare for childbirth?First, try to make your schedule so that after the 55-day not to leave your dog alone for long.

the following methods to determine the day of birth: approximately 24-36 hours prior to the start of the animal temperature drops in the rectum to one and a half degrees.That is, it will be somewhere 36,5-37,5oS.2-3 days before the "X" stomach drops, and on either side of the spine formed "pits".The animal may worry refuse food, digging in secluded places, hard to breathe for a few hours before giving birth.What needs to be done before they start:

  1. organize a place for dogs where everything will happen.You do not need to do it on the couch and chairs.Best suited floor.

    It should be away from windows, doors and radiators place.If the dog is small, perfect box.If the animal is a large, enclosed space is required.Newborn babies will crawl and food - it bothers bitch makes her jump from their seats.

  2. Prepare the following items: clean, dry diapers (cloth), a hot water bottle or a plastic bottle with warm water, alcohol, strong thread, a syringe or a small syringe, sharp scissors, oil or ointment "Levomekol", or Vaseline, phone the vet.

births are usually successful for females and pups, however, neglect all not worth it.Dogs need your participation and support, and sometimes need real help.

So, how to take birth in a dog?The duration of this process from 1 hour to 1 day.The immediate expulsion of the fetus begins when the cervix is ‚Äč‚Äčopen and the fruit goes into the birth canal.The dog begins to push.Puppy can go forward head or pelvis, that's fine.The bag of water can be opened or not, often the baby is born in unopened fetal membranes.Tearing them and gnaws the umbilical cord, as well as caring for a baby is usually very pitomitsy.But how to take birth in a dog inexperienced or who for some reason does not do anything?Do not worry, do it yourself.Free puppy from membranes.The umbilical cord is cut, retreating 2-3 cm from the abdomen.It is necessary to clear his mouth and airways of fluid, this is just handy syringe or syringe.Then wipe with a cloth puppy.After the birth of the last baby to be released.Do not allow the dog to eat more than 2-3 follow-up, otherwise it will have diarrhea.Put a puppy to the breast, make sure that he found the nipple, took it and sucked colostrum within 5-10 minutes.After that, you can put a box or just to the side, where is warmer.To Mom not to worry, it should see the kids.Recalculate Subsequently, their number should match the number of puppies.If the last
not come during the day, you need to visit the vet, otherwise the dog will have serious complications.

How to take birth in the dog, if something goes wrong?There may be deviations in the process:

  • much delayed deliveries;

  • dog stopped to push at all, although in the uterus palpated puppies;

  • animal ineffectual straining hard for 30-60 minutes;

  • are abundant purulent or bloody discharge;

  • the dog appeared cramps, stiffness (rigidity) of muscles, seizures, pale gums, abdominal pain, decreased body temperature.

All of this serves as a pretext for an urgent call the vet.Be prepared to deliver emergency pet clinic.

How to take birth in a dog of a small size?The process is analogous.However, it should be borne in mind that small dogs often have problems with the weakness of labor and getting stuck in the birth canal kids.If the dog is very small, it is better to invite the vet beforehand.Most likely, it will need specialized care or planned caesarean section.