How much is British kitten - an exotic favorite of your family

cats live with humans for thousands of years.For example, in ancient Egypt cats were sacred animals and a very revered.In the tombs of Egyptian pharaohs often found the mummy cat mummy with their hosts.It was believed that the pharaohs in another life without their pets can not do.In Tibet, there are breeds that, with a very large size, used as guard dogs.They guard the house from rodents and unwanted visitors.The British Parliament cats in the service and receive a salary from the budget.And the world-famous Hermitage Museum, they also have a well-deserved honor and respect.Every nation has its own concept of cats.For example, Muslims believe that the best cat - it is white and British, it only brings trouble.For Russian there is nothing more unpleasant black cat.

British cat - one of the oldest short-haired breeds.Since the XIX century it began its march around the world.And the question of how much is British kitten, Russian animal lovers at the time did not arise becauseabout this breed in Russi

a is not yet known."The British," have become popular here in the last century.Note that the appearance of the British cats is very consistent Slavic nature, so the Russians have great pleasure in acquiring these animals.And all kinds of cat shows can often hear the question: "How much is British kitten?".The answer depends on many factors: whether the animal's pedigree, how exactly it corresponds to the breed standard, whether to make all the necessary vaccinations, the country in which he was born.In Russia, the price of a kitten with a pedigree and a guarantee of health ranges from 300 to 400 dollars.And if his parents - immigrants from the show class, and even imported, elite, their children go to cheer on the 500-700 dollars!

How much is British kitten in America?The answer is small - 500-600 dollars.In Western Europe, a small British kitten is between 500 and 1,000 dollars.

of the most unusual species of the most exotic appearance - a Scottish Fold kittens.Experts call them Scottish Fold.

This shorthaired animals with very unusual structure of the shells ears, which look like flattened folds.These cats are called fold.In Russia this breed is relatively new.Origin Fold kittens are of Scottish parents.For the first time about the Scottish Fold it became known in 1959, when there was a farm cat named Susie - white, folded, if pressed, ears.In 1961 she gave birth to kittens besides the usual two with folded ears.Because this breed began to spread.

Scottish Fold kittens in the first month of life have a stand-up ears, and then they have dropped.They may have a long or short hair.This breed is generally lovable character.Even if they are very angry, they do not attack, and quietly move away from the offender.Meow these animals rarely, only at great need, for example, when very hungry.

Kneeling they usually do not sit, but from their favorite host is not behind a single step.If the owner is not a very long time, can make a close friendship with the family dog.

Well, now it is clear how much is British kitten?