How to name a parrot-parrot boy or girl

Here it is, in a cage - a welcome birdie.He looks around, where everything is interesting and unusual.New home, new people, new environment.It remains the case for small - to give her name.And this is where the fun begins.How to name a parrot or parrot-girl-boy?Thought revolve faster and faster, and the decision did not come.Indeed, so eager to be original, to show individuality.And to select a name mellifluous, like others and attracted to pet.

Versions on how to call the parrot-girl - a great many.For example: Arish, Amalia, Asya, gonna, Akhta, Alice, Alpha, Bassi, Berthe, Blanche, Bisha, Britta, Byasha, Beauty, Bell, Beauty, Betsy, beads, Varya, Vicki, Vanessa, Verka, Gabby, Gamma,Glasha, Geisha, Gloria, Little Lady, Denise, Jackie, Jaga, Julia, Jerry, Dolly, Dinara, Erika, Zhurra, Josephine, Juliette, Zlata, Bully, Isolde, Isabella, Irma, Toffee, Camellia, Kasia, Carmen, Cyrus,Leila Lady, Lawrence, Lira, Lush, Malvina, Masha, Marisha, my lady, Michelle Marquis, Maggie, Mini, Nyusha, Niagara, Nym

ph, Norma, Odette, Rozz, Pusya, Sarah, Tisha, Tina, Chacha, FrosyaEric Sheni, Charlotte, Elsa, Yusha, Yusya, Jasper.

Name parrot boy also has mmassu options.Abrash, Alex, Ice, Arash, Alf, Ara, Athos, Asher, Alfonso, Arkady, Bucks, Broots, Brawler, Golden Eagle, Bush, Borka, Benjamin, Willie, Vitamin, Venia, Vikesha, Gavryusha, Galchenok, Gesha, Green,Jack Jackson, Johnny, Hedgehog, Jacqueline Jacques, Jora, Jeka, Zhorik, Zero, Zeus, Kapitosha, Carl, Carlos, Kirill, Klepa, Kosh, Kuzma, Lushka, boy, Makar, Martin Marquis, Napoleon, Twinkle,Oscar, Pegasus, Dodger, Petrushka, rogue, Pushkin, ask Pyzhik, Fluff, Richie Ricky Romeo, Rocky, Rubik, Sandy, Rurik, Rafael Stesha, Toto, Tory Tishka, Trisha, idle talk, Tisha, Hurricane,Fidel, Figaro, Fima, Philip Funtik, Flint, Hulk, Gypsy, Caesar, Churchill, Chelsea, Cicco, Siskin, Chick, Chick, Shrek, Shura, Elvis, Eugene Young, Yasha.

What do you call a girl or a parrot-parrot boy yet?Here it is best to listen to their inner feelings.You can choose the name of a bird in color, such as whales, Lizard, Green, Limonchik, Sailor, Snowball.You can follow their passions.If it's football, while Gol pinalti, Zenit, Barca, Milan, Real Madrid, Valencia and so on.If this is literature, then Romeo and Juliet, Scarlett and Rhett, Othello and Desdemona, Angelica and Geoffrey, and so on.If this is mythology, then fit Zeus, Athena, Aphrodite, Amazon, Dionysus, nymph, Nefertiti and others.Cars?Then Porsche, Mazda, Ferrari, Beshka, Opel, Foltz and so on.You can also take the names of your favorite heroes of movies, cartoons, TV series.Once allowed to take the names of cities and rivers.For example, the Amazon, the Nile, the Danube, Bermuda, Paris, Rome, Vologda.And it is possible and on the individual qualities of birds.If the parrot fast, restless, smart, then fit the name of Figaro, Shustrik.If it is calm, quiet, then you can call Tishey Tikhonov, silent type.

In any case, as called parrot - a girl or a boy, wavy parrot or cockatoo, macaw or other kind of - it's up to the owner.It is believed that these birds are best stored speech with roaring, whistling and hissing sounds.Perhaps we should heed?