Do you know how to remove shellac at home?

Shellac - a gel and nail at a time.This manicure is durable, and the coating can be removed and independently.But for this you need to know what is possible to remove shellac.There are two methods that involve the use of acetone.For the most powerful effect requires pure acetone.But you can use nail polish remover containing acetone is not less than 60%.Other means not podhodyat.Itak how to remove shellac at home?

first method:

  1. Pre skin around the nail cuticle oil is applied and carefully rubbing it.Surplus removed with a cotton pad or tissue.Cuticle Oil protects skin from acetone.
  2. acetone filled the empty pot.The height from the tank bottom to the top level of acetone - about 1.25 cm.
  3. Before removing shellac at home, you need hands dipped in acetone, clasped his fingers together.Make sure that the nails were on your mind.Acetone is harmful to the skin, it is strongly dehydrates it.Therefore, acetone is immersed as little as possible of the skin.The procedure lasts about 10 minutes, even when th
    e varnish starts to flake off before.
  4. 10 minutes later shellac nail removed from a wooden stick.Wand placed near the base of the nail and move it up, hooking and removing shellac.Repeat these movements seek complete removal of the coating to each nail.
  5. can start peeling shellac little earlier, without removing the fingers from the tank with acetone.
  6. After removing the cover hand wash with warm water using soap.When washing the paint residues are removed and acetone.
  7. At the final stage at the hands of nourishing cream is applied, the oil for nails and cuticles.

second method:

  1. Before removing shellac at home, cut cotton pads and small squares of foil sheet matches the nail plates of each finger.Aluminum foil squares 10 are prepared with a side of 7.6 cm or more.Instead drives sometimes use small cotton balls.In this case, make sure that the size of the foil enough to secure them on the nail.
  2. Cuticle oil rubbed into the skin around each nail to protect the skin from drying out.
  3. discs or balls of wool saturate acetone and put on nails.
  4. Each nail is wrapped with foil.This cotton square should be firmly fixed, that at the same time should not interfere with blood circulation in the fingers.Heat retained aluminum foil enhances the action of acetone or liquid polish removers.Crushing the nail make sure acetone in contact with each of them.
  5. After 2-10 minutes, begin peeling shellac and cotton pads to remove the nail.At longer contact with the nail wool dries and get rid of the coverage will be more difficult.How to remove shellac at home with cotton wool stuck without expenditure of additional effort?
  6. Shellac polish is removed using an orange stick.Wand move up from the base of the nail.These movements are repeated until the complete removal of the coating to each nail.Remains of shellac is removed with a cotton pad with acetone.
  7. Nail polish, if necessary.Sticky residue, a white coating is removed with a soft cloth.
  8. Wash hands thoroughly with a mild soap and then apply the cream and butter to soften cuticles.

Having tried both methods, you will understand how to properly remove shellac, and select the most appropriate and convenient.But no matter what method is used to polish remover should not forget to use a cream or lotion to moisturize and soften the skin of hands.