Luxury trend - "Liquid Stone" on the nails

Every woman who looks after himself, simply can not overlook such a small, but important detail, as the well-groomed nails.Among fashionistas is very common nail and exceptional design.The modern interiors provide a variety of nail design techniques: painting art, French manicure, crisp design glitter, rhinestones decoration, aquarium design.But the most interesting and the admiration - it is undoubtedly technology "liquid stone on the nails."It allows you to simulate precious and semiprecious stones (malachite, emerald, ruby, sapphire), which give a special charm manicure and luxury.

Nail Design "liquid stone", photos which are evidence of its attractiveness, carried out on artificial nails using a special material - polymer "Liquid Stone" E.Mi, which allows you to model the shape of a convex stone.Although the design of the "liquid stone on the nails" is quite attractive for today's fashionistas, it there is one drawback - it cost.But the beauty of money to spare do not need.Because in the end res

ult is a stunning able to conquer many."Liquid stone" on the nails, which pictures are presented in this article - a new technology on the market and, unfortunately, not all master it mastered.In addition, materials and equipment for such a design is quite costly.

But if you have the right equipment and materials, as well as the supply of patience, even at home you can try to create a "liquid stone" on the nails.To begin to determine which image you would like to do, and, building on this, select the appropriate color gels.Today in specialized magazines represented a wide collection of nail design with "liquid stone".Also needed for stained glass, sculpture and protective gels.

followed by thoroughly prepare for manicure: clean nails, to give them shape, degrease, remove dirt under the nails, and remove the cuticle.Priming ultrastsepka helps "catch" between a nail and an artificial material.Then, a special gel-covered base of the nail plate, which is dried under a UV lamp for about 2 minutes.Thereafter, the area with the location of the stones, depicts her and then dried under a lamp.Apply the color gel, which is close to the natural color of stone, and fix a lamp.Stained gel gives future stone shimmering color.To create a sculptural volume used gel.It has a dense texture, so it's easy to put a straw, which is also dry them under a lamp.At the end of the whole composition is a protective cover and gel last fixed.As a result, you get an unusual manicure that attracts the attention of others.

for technology "liquid stone on the nails" in the home does not require a high level of skill, but, as mentioned above, specialized courses did not interfere.And it will take to obtain a perfect result a lot of time.

Therefore, if you do not want to waste precious time and experiment at home, of course, better to turn to a specialist who will make you a brilliant manicure.