Shadow eyebrows - choose correctly

many women and girls are not rewarded nature perfect eyebrows, quite bushy, regular shape and pronounced.

But, of course, there is a solution - eyebrow correction.It starts with the same name treatments and finishes combing the house and finalization eyebrows by using one or more cosmetic products (eyebrow pencil, eye shadow, eyebrow, a special gel or wax, etc.)

To give brows shape, you first need to visitlounge, where you pull out excess hair, and will mark the form.Be designated - because of the original form, we can do "dolepit" necessary eyebrows.In no case do not do eyebrow shaping at home in front of the mirror - at least the first few times to go to a professional.There are many subtleties of how to pull out the hairs, in which direction, etc.. - All well-known in the cabin.It is much harder then to alter what you will correct itself.

When the form is ready, we can begin to create vibrant and expressive eyebrows.To do this, how to fill the entire space of the eyebrows, her whole area - tha

t is, to paint between the hairs.

It is very important to choose the right tone pencil or shadow: it must not be darker than your hair.The difference may be 2-3 tones, not more.If

eyebrow pencil to draw, you can visually get rid of the broad cheekbones, for example.To do this, a little draw the tip of the eyebrows, as if to continue it.With shadows do not get.Draw the top of the eyebrow, as if creating a house, you can make the effect vamp, the image is bold and stylish.

On the other hand, the shade of eyebrow can create a very natural make-up - they almost can not be seen on his face.

There are some subtleties: If you have your eyes set well apart, you can apply more shadows at the beginning, closer to the bridge, and if it is close, then part of the eyebrows from the nose do not need to paint, focus is transferred to the tip.Generally, by the way, it is not recommended to paint the widest part of the eyebrows (except for the above case), it is considered that it is heavier person.

Shadow eyebrows particularly suited to owners of the broad brow, because pencil usually looks rough on them.

Choice shadows very large: from budget Ffleur to mass market (Pupa, for example) and the famous MAC.

They differ as eyeshadow, resistance, coating, ease of application.Also expensive shadows tend to be more shades.

usually matte shadows, but there are exceptions.Thus, the shadow eyebrow MAC are satin and even pearl.In this brand cosmetics is more focused on professional make-up artists or those who have experience in design of eyebrows - and therefore the respective palettes, complex, multi-color.

There are wonderful shade of eyebrow Pupa, which include shade themselves, and a special wax for eyebrow shaping.It is useful to those who have unruly brows.

Many shade sold in two colors - one - dark, fill in brows, and the second - light, it should be applied under the eyebrow.So look opens.The colors in these palettes specially chosen and well combined with each other.

When you select should pay attention to shadows and brush - conventional applicator to apply them uncomfortable to be a brush with a beveled end.Also, it must be sufficiently rigid to the correction of shadows were only "inside" his eyebrows.There are a lot of professional brushes, you can buy them separately.Most often set several brushes - for example, there is an oval - it is designed to wax, but, in practice, it is possible to do the same - the same beveled bristles.With proper care for the brush, it will last you a long time.But, if you use daily and wax and eyebrow shadow of themselves, then it is better to buy a professional brush and wax.