Cosmetic means of gray hair - "Antisedin."

Every person in life there comes a time when he finds a gray hair.Male population carries it somehow calmer.Some even believe that adorns the gray man.But this can not be said about women.It wants to look attractive.But how to be beautiful in the presence of gray hair, which, together with the loss of color lose elasticity and shine ?!It should be their fundamental recovery.To do this, we developed a cosmetic "Antisedin."Reviews about him confirm the ability of the drug to restore natural hair color.This occurs by stimulating the synthesis of natural pigments.

in this product 'Antisedin "includes, as major components, ammonium chloride, sulfur, ethyl alcohol, glycerol.There is in him and support - herbs, such as horsetail extract, has a beneficial effect on the recovery of water-salt metabolism in the skin of the head.Another optional component is an extract of nettle, strengthening the hair roots.

Those who have already used Antisedin, reviews about this tool is left ambiguous.Someone complains ab

out the foul smell, which is held for several hours after using this lotion.In addition, some have reported that after the application of this tool creates the effect of dirty hair.Agree, this is a bad argument.And precisely because of such shortcomings, many refused to use this lotion.

As for the main purpose of the funds' Antisedin "reviews here were divided.Most people using this lotion, arranges the resulting outcome.Their hair really change color, although the full return of pigmentation is not possible to achieve everything.But even those who made even the slightest darkening his gray hair, already satisfied with the result.

However, there is one little "but".In nearly all cases, cessation of the use of funds "Antisedin" all the efforts made earlier to restore hair color, reduced to nothing.Therefore, it is necessary to use a lotion constantly.

Lotion is recommended to use only uncolored hair.Otherwise, it may happen interaction of chemical components that make up the components of the paint tools "Antisedin."The damage caused to the hair, in this case, is an irreversible process.This chemical reaction leads to the fact that the locks become thin and brittle.In addition, you can not use this cosmetic eyebrow at the hairline, beard, mustache and lashes, as well as the presence of scratches on the scalp.

It should be noted, and the fact that the contraindication of using the lotion is an idiosyncrasy of components that make up the drug.As for adverse reactions when you use the "Antisedin" reviews many people testify about their absence, except in isolated cases, it is accompanied by allergic reactions of local character.Rarely appear slight redness, tingling and flaking skin.If they occur, discontinue the use of this lotion and see a doctor immediately to avoid serious consequences.

Undoubtedly, with regular use Antisedina can achieve a specific result.But it should be clearly understood that if your hair began to turn gray, the full return of their former condition can neither one remedy for gray hair.Therefore, for those who wish to achieve quick results it is recommended that you use hair dye.Who does not want to look young again?