Cosmetics Clinique: customer reviews

Why modern symbol of beauty and health was the American cosmetics Clinique (Clinique)?Reviews of the production of the brand suggests: an individual approach to the needs of the customer - the best way to win the trust and love of loyal customers.

In the sixties of the last century in New York opened a subsidiary office of Estee Lauder Companies , which has created a new line of cosmetic products under the new brand Clinique.Customer reviews were ecstatic: hypoallergenic cosmetics immediately won the sympathy of consumers.

Today, Clinique Laboratories, Inc.It is one of the first places in terms of production funds for daily skin care and anti-aging cosmetics.

History of the brand Clinique

In 1968, Lauder suggested that the family known dermatologist Norman Orentreku and the editor of the fashion magazine Vogue Carol Phillips to create a completely new brand that will give customers a completely new quality of cosmetic products.Developed a line of cosmetics should not contain fragrances an

d thoroughly tested for allergic reactions.Dr. Orentrek developed and put into practice a fundamentally new three-stage system of skin care Clinique.Reviews consumers talked about the amazing results of the use of the product.

Features makeup Clinique

Specialists Clinique Research Laboratory announced the first use of the procedure daily gentle exfoliation, and for more than 30 years, the main ingredient of cosmetics brand Clinique is salicylic acid, which affects the delicately dead skin flakes of the epidermis dying.On the anti-inflammatory properties of this component it has long been known: salicylic acid can penetrate into the pores of the skin, dissolving excess fat, so it is successfully used to prevent the appearance of comedones.

hypoallergenic properties of cosmetics explains the complete absence of fragrances.

In addition, all products are undergoing clinical testing for potential allergy.Under the direction of medical research carried out by dermatologists skin reactions volunteers for multiple re-applying makeup Clinique.Testimonials indicate that each new product is being tested 7200 times.If you registered a single case of allergies, the development is removed from production.

distinctive feature of Clinique brand has also become a firm three-tier system of care, which was later adopted many other cosmetic brands.The first comprehensive program for the care of different types of skin consists of three steps: cleansing, exfoliation and hydration, have been developed by Clinique.Customer reviews on the use of cosmetic products confirmed that the three-stage care program really helps to make skin gorgeous - clean, smooth and radiant.Initially set for everyday use consisted of three components: soap (cleansing), lotion (exfoliation), cream (moisturizing).Later, to meet the individual needs of consumers have developed new products: solid soap was proposed to replace the liquid as desired, instead of a cream became possible to use the gel.

company's specialists seek to keep abreast of new discoveries and advances in medical science and in the laboratories of the company are constantly being developed, and studies of the properties of new cosmetics.Therefore, to maintain any type of skin beautiful and healthy at any age helps cosmetics Clinique.Feedback from customers suggests that only individually selected product (taking into account the age-related changes, such as the skin and its state at the moment) brings the most benefit.

In an effort to achieve the best results and meet the needs of each client Dr. Orentrek invented diagnostic computer Clinique to determine skin type and characteristics that must be considered in the selection of medical caring and decorative cosmetics.