Tone Cream "Vichy" - the key to a healthy and radiant skin

One of the essential attributes of cosmetic most women is the foundation.It is he who makes the fair sex to make the skin almost perfect, of course, if it correctly applied.

Modern cosmetic market offers a huge range of tonal creams of different shades and types.For example, one of the most popular brands today is the foundation "Vichy".He copes with all kinds of imperfections on the face, the skin becomes dull and velvety.Many women are afraid of the effect of the mask, ie, that the presence of facial foundation will be noticeable to others.However, the composition and quality of modern tools such as the foundation, "Vichy", left it far astray in the past.The main thing - it correctly and carefully choose the cream.To do this, experts recommend to stick to just a few simple rules.

First of all, foundation must match your skin type.If the facial skin is dry, the preference should be given to the foundation, which in its composition have moisturizing ingredients.Their advantage is a low content of c

olored pigments which, after application to the skin does not accumulate in wrinkles therefore not emphasize them.Also for dry skin, you can mix the moisturizer and foundation "Vichy" in the ratio of 1: 1.This will give the skin freshness and at the same time will not add extra shine.It is known that oily skin is generally difficult to use any cosmetic product.Fortunately, today, a special line of foundation, to help deal with this problem.The fact is that they do not contain oils and their particles are able to absorb excess fat.After using such means unpleasant sheen disappears due to a slight drying oily skin.Mixed skin requires proper application of foundation.So, it is not recommended to put it on the entire face, it is desirable to use two creams, one of which will match the color of the skin, and the other will be a bit darker.The first is applied to the top, and the second - on the cheeks and nose.Problem skin also requires special attention.It is best suited foundation "Vichy" for problem skin.It perfectly conceals minor imperfections and evens out the complexion.The cream has a light texture that allows skin to breathe, so do not clog pores and causes the appearance of new blackheads, pimples, etc.

next step when choosing a tone means should be the choice of color.Choosing concealer "Vichy", you need to apply a little on the back of your wrist, just below the thumb.It is desirable to avoid too pink and bright colors that will look unnatural on any skin.

In order to prepare the skin for application of foundation, it is necessary to clean and restore the natural balance of moisture.Do it best with the help of low-fat moisturizer that is completely absorbed into the skin.

directly for drawing tone means beauticians recommend the use of non-traditional sponges and own fingers.Due to the heat generated by them is shaded concealer more natural, thin layer.At the same amount of cream is selected taking into account the individual characteristics and an average of 3-4 leaves drop.The application must be done in a circular motion from the center of the massage lines.

Once the foundation is fully distributed, the person must be a little powder.It is better to choose a loose powder transparent shade.

Of course, before buying a particular cosmetic product, including the well-known brand of foundation, most women are trying to find out in advance about it as much as possible.In this case, the foundation "Vichy" has reviews mostly positive.We should not forget about the individual intolerance of components.Sometimes, even the most expensive foundation may trite "no go."