Best Mascara - what is it?

There are some issues that appear permanent and unequivocal answer to them does not exist.So, the question, "what is the best mascara?", Too often left unanswered or the answers so that the eyes diverge.I will try to orient you in the world of ink.

where to start when choosing a mascara?From what we have.Evaluate your lashes.Do not slander - try to evaluate objectively.Are they long and thick - these are two characteristics of eyelashes, from which we will build in the choice of mascara.In addition to these, there are, of course, and others: how lashes must be twisting, for example, or the color of the eyelashes.But most importantly, in my opinion, are the first two.

lashes If you have thick enough, but a bit short, the best mascara in your case - the extension.She works it with the length.In its structure contains special ingredients that make lashes separated and lengthened - most often it is the fiber nylon or silk.In a special form of extension mascara brush, because of which in the staining

on the tips of the eyelashes mascara is sufficient to lengthen.Usually this spiral shape.In the shops you can see the double mascara - first we put on the lashes white or transparent mass - model the eyelashes, and then - the cover of dark pigment.

If the length of your eyelashes have no problems, and I want to add volume, you should pay attention to the volume mascara.It will make the eyelashes fluffy.This is the best mascara that constantly turn into "spider legs", ie, glued together by a few large one.If a bit of eyelashes, the look is simply catastrophic.As part of the carcass contains a special wax that coats the lashes during application, and it seems that more of them.They are fixed at a certain distance from each other, it turns apparent volume.This mascara can be found on the barrel-brush or a brush with bristles of varying lengths - for the best effect.

eyelashes Effect "after the forceps" can be achieved, and to tighten up the special brush.Typically, the carcass structure is not different from that of the extension or volume, but curved brush.Eyelashes lifted, brush and fixes them.Looking turns expressive and open.

very popular today mascara with the effect of false eyelashes, largely due to the popularity increase.These are the same universal ink, but with a more pronounced effect.You can often find good reviews on mascara with the effect of false eyelashes from Yves Saint Laurent.

Colored mascara look great in the summer, playing in the sun with blue, purple, pink and many more hues.There are also more calm brown and gray - for every taste.

And, of course, do not forget that the best mascara to any event - waterproof.If you go to a wedding, a nakraste lashes mascara and you do not have at each touching moments (of which there are many weddings agree) to check makeup.

There mascara, combining both the volume and length - universal.If you could not see any obvious problems in their eyelashes - most likely you will need a mascara.It is, as the name implies, and lengthens and gives volume to the lashes.

Now the choice is huge carcass, there are affordable mass-class and luxury suites.And always there are more and more new brands to assert itself.For example, recently the market makeup brand blew Vivienne Sabo.She has very reasonable prices and quality, judging by the reviews, is excellent.

I'll try to summarize and give some statistics.According to customer reviews, the best mascara with the effect of lengthening - Telescopic (Teleskopik) from L`OREAL of the mass market and by Dior Iconic of suites.

Best mascara with the effect of volume - MAYBELLINE Volume Express - the first year, by the way, in the lead, has a lot of variations, and Lancome - Hypnose drama of the suites.