Exciting questions: sodium lauryl sulfate

Currently, turned the whole debate about the benefits and harms of sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS).Some believe that the use of funds, which is a part of this component, it is injurious to health.Others, however, permit the use of products with SLS.

negative impact SLS

The US National Institutes of Health has identified the possible consequences of the use of substances with sodium lauryl sulfate.The harm to the human body, this substance can cause, causing dry skin, mouth sores, eczema.SLS is also toxic to the gastrointestinal tract and liver.

What is sodium lauryl sulfate?

The product is obtained as a result of repeated handling coconut oil chemically.This surfactant is used in detergents, especially in shampoos.Through the use of safety, efficiency and low cost, SLS has received widespread in cosmetology.This tool is a part of shampoos, shower gels, bubble baths, lotions, toothpastes and mouthwashes.Also, sodium lauryl sulfate used in household and technical detergents.

known that SLS can cause skin irritation.However, the form in which it is represented in cosmetic preparations, lauryl safe.

The main advantage of this component - foaming.Using foam, shampoo excellent "separates" the dirt from the hair and "hold" it in its entirety.If this does not occur, dirt and grease again settle on the hair.You can verify this by washing with soap head.In addition, foaming shampoo is quite economical in use and during cleaning brings pleasant sensations.

We can not say that every shampoo contains mild cleansing agents that significantly reduce the aggressive action of SLS.And some of them (cocoamphodiacetate sodium sulfosuccinate, cocamide DEA) are used in shampoos "without tears" intended for children.

Probably, you do not just noticed that after washing, the roots of the hair quickly become greasy.Why is this happening?

thing is that washing hair with mud, sodium lauryl sulfate, and removes the fat, which is a protective barrier.Therefore, deprived of protection the hair is easily damaged.To prevent this, the body begins to actively produce fat with even greater force.Therefore, the roots of the hair salted rather quickly losing its appearance.

shampoo without sodium lauryl sulfate

What should be the ideal means to wash your hair?It turns out that it must effectively remove dirt and not fat from the scalp.Today, this problem is solved.Shampoos high quality able to wash the hair with a layer of fat, replacing it with superfatting agents.Such substances include vegetable oils, lanolin derivatives and fatty acids, animal fat, lecithin.Additives are included in the shampoo in the form of microdroplets.In the process of cleaning the exchange of fat: the dirt is in the scalp moisturizes jojoba or coconut.

The study of the composition of funds for washing hair, identified shampoos without SLS.Here are some cosmetic products:

  • Most Japanese companies engaged in production of shampoos without SLS: Lion, Kracie, Lebel, Resche, Kanebo Pola, MoltoBene.These tools are created using surfactants extracted from the fruit of plants, flowers and algae.
  • French cosmetic company Melvita instead of SLS uses surfactants of vegetable origin - decyl glucoside.
  • Dr.Hauschka German brand also produces tools for hair care products that do not contain sodium lauryl sulfate using a surfactant as saharotenzidy.
  • Some shampoos made leaders of modern cosmetic industry, also do not contain SLS.This «Professionnel Delicate Color» by L'Oreal, and «Professional Bonacure Color» by Schwarzkopf.These cosmetics are designed for colored hair.Shampoos of the series "World Rainforest" from producer The Body Shop in its membership include bilberry extract, sugar and linseed oil.