Chapstick - the perfect remedy for skin caregiver lips

Almost every woman in the beautician there chapstick.It is an indispensable tool for lip care.Moreover, you can use it throughout the year, and restrictions on age or gender are no grounds: equally to women and men, adults and children can enjoy this wonderful tool.

Gentle lips cover is very sensitive to stimuli of the environment, but because of their natural protection can be easily damaged.

By and large, any chapstick consists of wax, which is needed to maintain the water-lipid balance of the skin of the lips;natural oils;vitamins and lanolin base creates a protective film on the lips.

key component - wax, beeswax or carnauba.He does not give the skin to lose moisture, so the lips do not dry up.Vitamins act as the main support elements.From the presence of a particular vitamin function depends lipstick.Thus, the presence of vitamin A and E shows that the lips will be saturated with nutrients;Vitamins C and B12 - fight inflammation and heal the micro cracks, vitamin E prevents the process of agi

ng of the skin of the lips.

Lipstick: choice for every taste.

When choosing a lipstick, make sure that there is a part of salicylic acid, which provokes drying and cracking of the lips, and silicone oil, which manufacturers use to increase the shelf life of the product.The silicone oil forms a thick film of the lips, which lips prevent wetting absorb nutrients from other components of the composition.

Tang is also contraindicated: likely to clog the chemical taste flavors.

When selecting chapstick need to decide what you want to achieve with the help of this cosmetic product.So, if your lips need moisture, then the choice will fall on the moisturizing lipstick;If lips need protection from ultraviolet radiation, a good choice would be chapstick containing UV filters.

It should be remembered that a moisturizing lipstick is not suited for the cold seasons, since too rapid absorption of moisture will lead to increased dryness of the lips and the appearance of cracks.In winter, make better use of nutritional chapstick.

use chapstick in accordance with the season of the year is very reasonable, as they are developed based on the needs of the skin in certain seasons segment.In the spring, most people experience a lack of vitamins, spring often appear painful cracks at the corners of the lips, which can bleed.Therefore, it is important to compensate for a deficiency of vitamins and heal wounds, are ideal for this hygienic lipstick with sea buckthorn oil, calendula, chamomile, vitamins A, E and C.

summer need to use chapstick with the function of protection from UV rays.As auxiliary components in the summer you can choose jojoba allatoin, aloe vera.

the winter is better to use hygienic lipstick with retinol, shea butter, avocado oil, lanolin.Autumn is useful to purchase nutritious lipstick that will protect your lips from sharp changes in natural conditions.

Among broad-based range of products for the lips can meet hygienic lipstick designed to prevent or combat cold sores on the skin of the lips;lipstick, the effect of which is designed to combat stomatitis or cheilitis.

therefore better chapstick - one that most protects the skin of the lips at the moment.

Although there are women who prefer cosmetics (including skin care lip) of one firm.For example, one of my friends - a big fan of the company Nivea, but because chapstick (nivea, of course) does not violate the general ensemble.