Indispensable eye cream

woman always strives to look good and will never regret the money, there is not a new handbag or shoes, and a good eye cream.If using many ladies clothes can skillfully hide their shortcomings and exquisitely present advantages, even professional make-up can not hide the wrinkles around the eyes.

course, modern cosmetics and various masking agents most secret "paths" of time on the face, but what would be correct, if you take care of this before the appearance of wrinkles and properly care for the skin.

The fact that many women feel that buy wrinkle cream around the eyes is necessary only when those same wrinkles have already appeared, but this opinion is absolutely wrong.Moreover, even with the help of moisturizing and nourishing creams can extend the youth of your face.For example, light in texture cream Garnier «ration of Beauty" is perfect as a caregiver agent and makeup base.

Some cosmetic series of creams designed for even the most young ladies, since the age of sixteen, but this is due to t

he presence of acne and acne on the skin of young girls in their teens.So Meitan cosmetics company launched a full line of cosmetics called Lu Cha, which is focused on the youngest consumers, and has a number of tools that are designed specifically to deal with skin rashes and inflammation.

It should be noted that the caring and moisturizing creams only improve the skin condition, which can not cope with a difficult environmental conditions (cold, wind, sun, etc.) and banal fatigue.

The first weak spot on the face of any woman's eyes are, because every day they represent hundreds of emotions (laughter, tears, joy, sadness, etc.).Over time, these fleeting wrinkles on the eyes turn into fine lines, which deliver the first chores any girl.

absolutely wrong to use an ordinary face cream as the cream around the eyes, because the skin in this area is much softer and thinner.Every day we are a thousand times schurimsya Morgan and as a result the area around the eye is exposed to aging faster than the skin on the face.

skin in the region drier, it is not surprising, since there are few sebaceous and sweat glands, so at a young age, you can choose a moisturizer around the eyes.Typically, the consistency of the product is very light, often presented as a light gel or emulsion, it allows us not to burden the delicate eyelid skin.An excellent means of many women find the cream Nivea «Beautiful Skin."

Apply the cream must be light pat with fingertips counterclockwise.It is best to do this procedure in the morning and evening.

Experts recommend use of nutritional or moisturizer with sun protection factor, because nothing ages skin like exposure to UV rays.In bright sun should wear sunglasses, firstly, it is stylish and beautiful, but most importantly, it will protect the eyes from ultraviolet light, and secondly, it eliminates the need to squint in the bright sun.

In addition, should make it a rule to wash thoroughly before bedtime cosmetics and skin around the eyes is best to use special means for removing makeup.In any case, no need to rub your eyes hard, because in this way stretched skin of the eyelids, and this leads to the formation of wrinkles.

If a woman is doing makeup in the morning, it is important to remember that the eye cream is applied at least 30 minutes before painting forever.In addition, there are special funds earmarked for this area, so it is not recommended to use a foundation for the face, as a means to disguise dark circles and swelling around the eyes.

In order to choose the best eye cream should carefully study the composition, written on the product packaging.It would be better if it contains vitamins and natural ingredients, and is selected from the series, which you use for your entire face.Remember that the correct storage of cream will help you keep the quality at all times use.An excellent means of many women consider skin cream around the eyes L`Oreal «Collagen Wrinkle Filler", which actively combats the "next" time in her eyes.