Fashion make-up - the key to success

Recently makeup established the cult of naturalness.And this line can be traced all the fashion designers and makeup artists.However, not only naturalness prevails in this season.There are many details that must be considered for women to look stylish and fashionable.

Makeup Summer 2012

So, how fashionable painted in the summer of 2012?

tone.Trend of the season are considered to be light shades.The skin should be soft, even slightly transparent.That is why it is best to completely abandon the matting agents and tanning.If the woman is the owner of a light skin, it is - at the very top.Fashion makeup of summer means bright and pastel blush.They can be pinkish or peach.Pale and natural colors - a highlight of the season.To create the perfect tone only need to loose powder.However, you should choose a remedy that in addition, help to protect skin from the sun.Therefore powder in its composition must include vitamin E. The most popular choice of makeup in 2012 is recognized as an option NUDE.It is sm

ooth and clear tone, light blush, mascara and lipstick pink.

eyes.Competent and trendy makeup involves a combination of shadows and eyeliner.You can use one thing.Popular colors for the eyeliner - is a classic black and gray unusual.It is desirable that the shadows were dark colors and metallic sheen.Chance is also an option pearlescent.In favor the following colors: green, gray and deep blue and brown.Hit of the summer season - is the arrow.Moreover, they can acquire the most unusual twists.Do not forget to be and eyelashes.SinceSummer - it's pretty hot time, the ink have to be waterproof.

eyebrows.The subtlety of this season has not been popular.In a fashion - a natural, lush and thick eyebrows.Preferably they have the same color to the hair.

lips.Make-up artists in the summer season offer available only gentle lip gloss, which give a natural bulk and seductiveness.However, it does not disappear, and bright colors.They look spectacular in the evening make-up.Preference is given to scarlet and plum shades.

Finally, in the summer season it is necessary to make effective the emphasis solely on one thing (the eyes or lips).Bright highlighting the eyes, you should use more neutral colors for the eyes.

Fashion makeup.Winter 2012

be stylish and fashionable not only clothes, but also the right to choose makeup.Trends in winter imply a natural.Special emphasis should be placed on the lips.They must be incredibly bright and vivid colors.Eyes should be added to the mystery.

Winter fashion makeup necessarily implies the existence of an even tone.The face should shine and fresh look.For this you will need a foundation with light-reflecting particles.

best shape of the eye with a pencil to emphasize brown and gray.Black winter is no longer in vogue.The shadows will fall by the way and in the daytime and in the evening make-up.Their colors should be soft.Mascara should be aimed not at making them saturated colors, and the creation of the thickness and volume.Therefore, preference is given to brown and gray ink.

Lips trendy makeup recommends the use of orange, red and brown hues.They should be bright.However, one should not overdo it.You should always take into account the color of hair and skin tone.

Winter trend in make-up and the effect will be the "smoky" eye.However, with an eye to the past seasons, he now acquires and other colors: olive, chocolate, blue and gold hues.It should also emphasize the lips, but more natural.

Fashion makeup winter 2012 recommends the use of Gothic motifs.These include the age of the coating black shadows, and focus on the lips a bright red (even bloody) color.