Eyebrow pencil.

Stylists say that well-formed eyebrows "make" his face.Fashion changes quickly.Remember the seventies.All the ladies were then polls eyebrows plucked a thread.Today, it is considered almost indecent.In contrast, the modern ladies prefer eyebrows like Brooke Shields, thick and black.However, not all nature has bestowed such a luxury.This means that you need to correct the error.For this need and eyebrow pencil in our purse.

However, before you use cosmetics, it is necessary to take care of the correct form.Unwanted hairs out of the general mass, uniquely, have no right to life.They can be removed safely.To view seemed more open, eyebrows plucked by two-thirds, gradually decreasing towards the outer corner of the eye.This trick can also be used to correct age-related changes.For example, drooping or swollen eyelids.

eyebrows should be neither too short nor too long.To determine the required size, use two pencils.One of them must go through a line from the nostril to the inner corner of the eye.At the

point where it touches the eyebrows and is the starting point.Second pencil at an angle to the first, so that it runs from the corner of the lip to the outer edge of the eye.This point will be the end of it.Excess hair can be adjusted in length with scissors.

How to choose an eyebrow pencil

's hot bright colors of makeup.Coal-black eyebrows, even stylists recommend blondes.However, the podium is one thing, but in real life such beauty looks unnatural.Therefore, we will adhere to the rules.

Eyebrow pencil color should match the shade of hair.For brunettes suitable graphite or dark gray.Fair is better to pay attention to dark brown.Red-haired ladies can safely acquire eyebrow pencil reddish-brown or gray.The delicate beauty of a natural blonde set off dark beige, light brown, gray.Incidentally, owners of blond hair the most difficult to determine the shade.Too light eyebrows on the face are lost, and too dark features make sharp and rough.So try several options to vote, how it will look in natural light.Of course, classic black eyebrow pencil, too, has the right to life, but only as an evening option.

Today on sale there is a huge amount of cosmetics that offers short sea and lost.Eyebrow pencils offer almost all of the company Lancome and Max Factor make-up Art and Faberlik.Which product should give preference?That color was maintained as long as possible, choose a medium soft pencil with the addition of wax.In contrast, shadows, lipsticks and powders, this product need not be expensive.Look for products company Avon, their professional eyebrow pencil customer reviews is the most favorable.If you are quite satisfied with the color, use makeup colorless gel.It will give the desired shape brows and shine.The latest trend in this season is very relevant.

most often used an eyebrow pencil to hide some flaws.Make it easy.Carefully Draw subtle touches to the place where the hair should be and now your eyebrows look thicker and darker.It remains to comb brush them with a bit of gel.Please swipe against the hair growth, and then smooth to get a perfectly smooth arc without protruding hairs.The most daring ladies can apply makeup eyebrow wax and a special powder.