Makeup Smoky Eyes Step by Step

true coquette can seduce a man at a glance, as she well knows the art and technique of shooting eye makeup.Shining shadows smoke, thick dark lashes, delicate blush on the cheeks and plump lips - portrait of a fatal beauty ready.Cooking brush-paint and begin to create the image.

We begin, of course, from the beginning.Many of you already know what the makeup Smoky Eyes.This method of applying a shadow on the eyelids is good because it makes it look deeper.Run it can be in any color that suits the type of your appearance.There are variants of daily and evening.At the same time turn the first version of the second is easy.It is enough to slightly "exaggerate".

Run makeup Smoky Eyes can be with just one color.To do this, use the baked shadows.For example, from the firm Bourgeois.In the dry form, they look more light.If you apply the shadow with a damp brush, it is possible to do without the pencil century.

It is not necessary to use the traditional smoky shades.Pay attention to the plum or purple colo

r.Such Smoky ice for green eyes and dark hair is especially important.He will look mysterious and sexy.Just do not overdo it, otherwise the eyes will look to cry.
blue and gray eye shadows emphasize the brown-beige or colored denim.Brown-eyed can advise shades of emerald.It looks great in the evening make-up shade of pearl shimmer.

Technique Smoky ice without using pencil is not very different from that in which the arrow is supplied slate.To work need a brush applicator.Start applying makeup with shadows on the upper and lower eyelids.Moisten the brush and draw a thin line, stepping back a bit from the inner corner of the eye.Dash runs close to the base of the lashes and slightly expanded from the middle of the century.The same hand, but without thickening, and held at the bottom.

Classic Makeup Smoky Eyes is performed in one color, the intensity of which decreases from the lash line to the brow.We will not deviate from the technology.Lightly apply a thin layer of plum or lilac shadows and shade them to get the most light shade.After that, we cover the eyelid moving second layer.The final touch - rich tone dry shadow over the line of the arrow.Intense purple tint should be applied farther from the inner corner of the eye.

Walk applicator with shadows on the bottom line and make it look more blurred.If desired, you can add colors flicker, using a little pearl under the eyebrow.

Touch up eyelashes, directing the brush slightly to the side and up.Because of this almond-shaped eyes will get.To make up looked brighter, use a pencil to color and shape eyebrows.

Makeup artists recommend makeup Smoky Eyes eyeliner to finish.Moreover, it is recommended to hold the line on the inner edge of the lower eyelid.From my own experience I know that lives And this beauty is short-lived.As a result, all the paint washed blinking and turns on the sclera.When there is an uncontrollable desire to rub my eyes.By the way, no effect of increasing I have not noticed.Perhaps this method is good for the photo shoot, but not in real life.
But we digress from the topic a bit.Continuing the conversation about the style of Smokey - ice.The above technology is quite simple and its great advantage is that a good makeup for women of any age.

However, if you are a supporter of bright colors, use a pencil for a century, a contrast or matching shadows.Perfect for creating makeup Smoky Eyes Quartet "Bright Dream" from L'Oreal.Four color shades selected specifically for blondes, brown-haired women, brunettes and redheads