Gel "Aloe Vera" - cosmetic and diet drink

medicinal plant aloe vera is known to all.It has medicinal properties, contains biological active substances: salicylic acid, polysaccharides, essential amino acids, vitamins A, C, E and B, the enzyme superoxide dismutase.

Gel "Aloe Vera".Description

The plant under the skin of the sheet material is translucent gelatinous consistency.Content is a gel having a curative effect.It is widely used in cosmetics and medicine.Polysaccharides belonging to the product has a moisturizing effect.In addition, it increases local immunity.

The composition of the gel, "aloe vera" can be different.It all depends on the manufacturer.The longer the gel purified from low molecular weight substances, the higher its therapeutic effect.In case of bad cleaning gel "Aloe" adversely affects the skin, causing irritation.Products of high quality is not cheap.

from plants produced day creams, which contain gel "Aloe Vera".Funds are well absorbed by the skin, moisturize it, without leaving an oily shine.Production gained g

reat popularity and demand among consumers.Any cream containing high-quality gel skin provides good protection.Hydrating the film is formed due to a long-chain polysaccharides.A gel composed of polysaccharides having a short chain, penetrate deep into the skin, activating cells.In addition, the protective film protects against ultraviolet radiation.

Gel "Aloe Vera": drink

made from plants not only creams and drink.It is a dietary product and has multiple medicinal properties:

  1. removes toxins from the digestive system, cleans the kidneys and gallbladder.

  2. has a positive effect on the cells of the nervous system.Strengthens blood vessels, relieves stress, eliminates insomnia, improves the connection of neurons.

  3. is a preventive measure against cancer.

  4. Eliminates asthmatic symptoms, prevents the formation of kidney stones, relieve migraine attacks.

  5. Due to the content of vitamins gives a sense of vitality, increases energy reserve, stabilizes the immune system.The gel contains very important components that are required by the human body: 18 amino acids and 20 minerals.Components contribute to the regeneration of damaged cells.Amino acids can not be played by the body and are not recovered.The product is very useful for women who can not become pregnant.The drink "Aloe Vera" is folic acid, which is very necessary for conception.

  6. In addition to all these advantages, the gel helps with headaches, fatigue, alleviates muscle pain, relieves spasms.It achieved a positive effect due to the minerals, which is part of the product.

For the normal functioning of the body and good skin condition necessary to use the products, which includes gel "Aloe Vera".Reviews of consumers confirmed these manufacturers product properties.The gel has helped patients with a variety of diseases.

How to prepare a cosmetic self

Many grow Aloe plant in his apartment on the windowsill.From it you can prepare their own healthful product.To do this, cut a large leaf of a plant, put it vertically cut down for twenty minutes to a stack of yellow juice (it is needed).After the specified time should be carefully remove the tip of the leaf and cloves.Then the knife cut the sheet into two portions along.Each half of the mucosa of the need to collect - this is the famous aloe vera gel.The collected substance should be placed in a blender, add the vitamin "C", "E" and grind.Valuable product is ready!Cooked cosmetic product can be stored for over a year.