What is the screening of the hair and how it differs from lamination?

Probably not a woman who would not have heard of lamination.But today, in many salons and hairdressers offered a new service - the screening of hair.Let's see, what is the procedure, what impact it has on the hair.

What is the screening?

principle of the procedure - in the hair enveloping film.Of course, it is quite thick, but at the same time, thin, resistant to various mechanical and chemically aggressive influences.This cover seals the like every hair, in retaining moisture therein and nutrients.And while she hairstyle looks like a magazine cover.

Laminating and shielding Hair: What's the difference?

Many people confuse these two services.And some people say that this is one and the same.In fact, there is a difference, and it is this: a lamination effects exclusively on the surface of the hair.And with nutritional screening and care substances penetrate deep into the structure.However, lamination and shielding the hair is absolutely not mutually exclusive.They can be done not only separate

ly but also together.

advantages screening

Talking about it can be a long time, and you will notice how your hair changed after such a procedure.Not only that, the hair will just shine, restored their structure, the problem of split ends will disappear, so also significantly increased.After all, when every hair is wrapped in a transparent plenochkoj stable, it becomes thicker by 20-30%.And that means that your hair will be the envy of friends and passers-by - no joke, if the hair will immediately become thicker as much as one-third!

addition, each hair becomes stronger and more resistant to mechanical stress.Hairstyles are not afraid of any frequent combing, or hot styling or the vagaries of weather.For colored hair escaping emphasize their color, will enhance its resistance to get rid of gray hair.

Disadvantages screening

If this procedure and has the disadvantage that only one: the time of its impact is limited.Screening in different salons and done, and is different, so the effect promised stylists can last from two to six weeks.This hair care will have to produce again.Moreover, as often as desired, after screening, unlike other types of effects on the hair, brings them absolutely no harm.On the contrary, it feeds intensively throughout their length, gives strength and smoothness.

How to shield the hair itself, at home?

only obstacle to the Hollywood shock of hair can be except that the high cost of treatments in the salon.It turns out that it is possible to make the screening and the most.Need for this special means - professional hair, warm water and a towel.

There are several well-known manufacturers producing compounds for screening.It is best proven in the domestic market Kemon and Paul Mitchell.However, these tools are not cheap, but the result will exceed all your expectations.The kit for screening usually, besides the main component, is also a professional shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer and a fixer.

The procedure is as follows.First you need to wash your hair with a special shampoo and apply a balm for a few minutes.Then lightly dry with a towel and rub generously means for shielding the hair.After the time recommended in the instructions means you will need to wash, dry hair, apply a fixer.As you can see, nothing complicated!