Natural makeup: tips and tricks

woman learns the art of make-up, without exaggeration, a lifetime.This is an area in which it is impossible to achieve perfection - every year there are new tools are changing trends, and knowledge of all these nuances requires constant self-improvement.But rather, it refers to the parade, evening make-apa options that are not applied every day.For everyday use of the much more popular is a natural makeup that does not attract undue attention, but at the same time perfectly corrects all deficiencies.

Applying this day make-apa often requires the women are much more skill than the creation of a spectacular evening options.After all, there is a more severe and truthful enemy our appearance than daylight.He ruthlessly emphasizes the slightest imperfections, makes visible the slightest error in the application of shadow or powder, so natural makeup requires exceptional accuracy.

basic rules applying day makeup.

  • right light. Day Makeover created only in daylight - it is an immutable rule, the vio
    lation of which would inevitably lead to the fact that your image will be sloppy, and his face - "tired."
  • cleansing and moisturizing .Natural makeup requires a clean skin, which apply a moisturizer beforehand, so before you begin to create the image, clean the face lotion or tonic, let them soak in and apply your day cream.
  • proper foundation. Too dense texture or too dark shade immediately deprived of the required natural makeup, so for daytime makeup to choose the means of one or two shades lighter than your skin - it will give a fresh look to the face.
  • Masking. Concealer - a thing absolutely necessary in the purse, because it can be used to get rid of dark circles under the eyes, conceal redness or pimples, in general, make the skin close to perfection.
  • Powder. compact dense powder - not the best choice when creating daytime make-apa.It is better to use friable - its texture will consolidate natural makeup without weighing it.
  • Blush. only light shades of unsaturated and only in small quantities, or makeup immediately become clumsy and vulgar.

As for eye makeup, there is a lot depends on their color, because that will look very natural on brown eyes, it may seem absurd to green or blue.

natural makeup for brown eyes

selection of the suitable colors depends not only on the color of eyes, but the color of the hair.Owners of dark brown eyes should choose pink, cream or brownish matte shadow and to light brown, slightly transparent eyes are ideal peach, beige and cream shades.As for hair color, the brown-eyed blondes suit pastel shade or gold, brown-haired profitable Otten eye color using pinkish and brownish tones, and brunettes ideal various options of olive, chocolate brown and gray eyeshadow.

natural makeup for green eyes

Green eyes are very bright and spectacular, so creating the right make-up, you need to carefully approach the choice of color palette.You should not overly emphasize their bright colors, as well as make-up to match the color of the iris.Better to stay at the pinkish hue of the main colors, on top of which, carefully shading place transitions, apply a grayish shade, peach or brownish scales.

In any case, no matter what color were his eyes, it is worth remembering that the main rules for day makeup for the eyes - this is the perfect shading shadows and use brown eyeliner and mascara, as black in the daytime make-up looks too flashy.