Dry spirits - very original form of release flavors.In addition, the shape is very, very convenient.Often, these spirits are called "dry".In fact, they are thick, waxy composition, almost solid consistency.These spirits are different from the classic higher saturation, which is provided by limiting the concentration of aromatic substances in them.But because of the lack in their composition of amber, which is necessarily present in liquid form, the scent disappears quickly, so it must be applied several times a day.

Available dry spirits rather limited number of firms, because while they are not as popular as their alcoholic counterparts.However, the idea is not new.These scents in solid form for centuries were made in the East where spices have always been a special honor.

Another distinct advantage of such spirits is that they can be stored for an extremely long shelf life is unlimited.Closed boxes or boxes retain the smell of the composition over the years.The scent does not change with time and

does not lose the original intensity.Boxes with flavors very convenient to take with them: they are lightweight, comfortable, there is no risk that the contents will result.

Because dry spirits all their holders consistently carry a purse, the capacity to store them gradually turned into real jewelry and stylish accessories.Today, even the spirits produced in the containers in the form of jewelry - pendants, earrings, rings and cufflinks.Available in Asian spirits are often placed in boxes painted or lacquered wooden boxes, which are converted into the original interior decoration.

Dry spirits half consist of aromatic substances (usually aroma oils, ambergris, civet).The basis is a wax, talc or wax, which are used in order not to allow the fragrance to evaporate.

use perfume can be different.It is best to put them in places where vessels come close to the skin: bending the elbows, wrists, neck, behind the knees.Many people prefer to put a box in the closet with clothes that she soaked pleasant aroma.Some use them as incense, placing in the aroma lamp.

way, dry spirits also hypoallergenic, so they can recommend to those who can not use the usual perfume because of coughing or other manifestations of negative reactions to alcohol composition.

What spirits choose?Some of today's most popular - dry spirits "Yves Rocher".They have good quality characteristics sufficiently democratic values.Many believe that these spirits have a very delicate flavor that lacks saturation, and they leave no trail, though themselves very pleasant aromas.But this, of course, a matter of taste.

«Oriflame» («Oriflame») produces a dry form an analogue of the spirits "Divine."It is believed that in such performance more refined flavor and reveals more subtle.

«Avon» creates a dry fragrance based on aromas of hibiscus and freesia, features original combinations of flavors.

«MaryKay» produces dry form fragrance called «Belara».They have a floral-musky scent.

Dry spirits «Caramel» perfume studio by Demeter Fragrance - is something completely new in the history of perfume, something akin to a work of art.This is a new idea Creative aromateke studio did not like all that is meant by the familiar spirits.This fragrance is based on glucose syrup with sugar, it is sweet and very recognizable.It's not just variations on a theme, but the real "sweet", leaves a pleasant and warm plume friend since childhood caramel.

But whatever spirits company you choose, the main thing to learn how to use them properly to always howl at altitude and enjoy a light cloud okrushenii favorite flavor.