Milk Vidal

Many teenagers in the age of twelve because of the age of hormonal adjustment skin sebaceous glands are activated, and as a result, they appear acne bacteria, inflammation develops.

cause of acne in this period - it varies because the body's hormonal maturation, in which increased levels of testosterone, which leads to increased work of sebaceous glands.These glands in the human body are the most sensitive to the effects of hormones due to improper concentration of testosterone secretion of sebum on the body begins to increase, the face shines, it shines.The result is acne and pimples, teens are so shy.

Today in pharmacies sold a lot of drugs for the treatment or prevention of acne.One of them - milk Vidal that modern dermatologists considered one of the most powerful among similar funds.It has been proven successful in the treatment of such a rash.

Milk Vidal is not inferior to their foreign counterparts in terms of efficiency more than that price, it only wins.Application of the product allows t

o treat inflammation of the skin not only at the initial stages, but in the highly advanced cases.With regular use of the magic bullet comes peeling the old skin layer.

Milk Vidal, whose composition is, in fact, the most usual mash of sulfur, camphor, boric and salicylic acid and glycerin, effectively kills pathogenic bacteria.

Each of the components alone is an excellent therapeutic agent and together they act on the skin by normalizing its pH.This sulfur has antiparasitic, anti-inflammatory, and zudoutolyayuschee keratoplastic action camphor - bactericidal, zudoutolyayuschee, while it also helps improve the microcirculation in the skin and boric and salicylic acid together are responsible for the peeling, antiseptic and astringent effect.

Milk Vidal should be used in the second part of the day, it is not necessary to wash before going to bed.Moderate alcohol solution, included in its composition, does not breed bacteria, dubit sebaceous glands and normalizes alkaline balance of the skin.

Many dermatologists solve the problem of selecting the right drug from acne complex prescribing Vidal as both milk and peppermint lotion made for a weak solution of hydrochloric acid.When used together, the two drugs feedback only intensified.In the morning you need to wipe the problem areas of the lotion, and in the evening - milk.

In very advanced and severe cases when the comedones are deeply infected milk Vidal is better to combine with antibiotics like chloramphenicol.The latter has a wide range of actions, perfectly penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin and there affects almost all existing bacteria causing purulent inflammation.Just as in the case of peppermint lotion levomitsetinovym face should be cleaned with alcohol in the morning and milk - overnight.

Judging by the reviews of consumers, milk Vidal two words can be described as follows: the most suitable.Indeed, it is very effective in skin problems associated with acne when you need to simultaneously exfoliating, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial therapeutic effects.

However, like any other drug, even topical, milk Vidal has its side effects, such as skin dryness due to alcohol, sometimes - itching, allergies, congestion.In any of these cases, treatment is necessary to stop immediately and consult a dermatologist.