Matting napkins.

Probably not the woman in this world that could say with pride that her perfect facial skin without any problems.One would say that displeased dry, the other complains shine and enlarged pores, a third complain of increased susceptibility.But every girl wants to always look luxurious without the slightest blemish.That's the beauty of trying to take into account the need for each of the fair sex in the creation of thousands of funds to face.Here and cream for day and night application individually, and bottles with liquid toning and refreshing sprays, wipes and special matting.So, well, with all the cream is quite simple and clear.Application tonics also seems to be clear for most women.Sprays though not as popular compared with previous funds, but still literally disappear from store shelves.But what matting facial tissue?What is their purpose, to whom and why they can be used?The answers to these questions are in order.

At its core is a lint-free cloth soaked in a special solution.On the composition

of the fluid can vary, as each company strives to bring something new and unique.But the general point is still present.In more detail the components we look at below, but for now will determine the type of skin for which the intended matting napkin.

Based on their names, it is easy to guess that the main purpose of this tool is to get rid of excess skin sebaceous excretions.It concerns mainly fat and problem type, since they are more in need of a timely cleansing.However, there are special matting napkins for combination skin.They do not dry patches on the cheeks, but it eliminates shine with so-called T-zone - forehead and nose.So the choice of tissue required to carefully read the recommendations on the package.It means for oily skin can only worsen the situation, if you are on the face of dry or sensitive areas.

now turn to the composition of the substance, which is usually impregnated wipes matting.Reviews of many buyers are advised to beware of those products, which includes alcohol.Now there are many peers who have a mild effect without the risk to transform the skin with high fat content in the dry and flaky film.Keep this in mind as you study the package of tissues.Natural extracts of birch, aloe vera, tea tree and chamomile to keep the skin soft and eliminate existing inflammation in it.It is also an excellent tool for the prevention of acne.

Use the matting napkin at any time and place convenient for you.They do not take up much space in your purse, and always ready to help.They help to remove the remnants of makeup, or simply freshen the face in the heat.This tool is indispensable at parties when no foundation can not stand the heat and lack of air indoors.Particularly relevant are napkins in summer, when only a few hours in the sun make the skin shine.Use them instead of powder.The latter can clog pores, making the probability of occurrence of black spots and inflammation point.

Some companies (for example, all known Swedish company Oriflame) developed a special kind of matting wipes that absorb excess sebum without damaging the layer of makeup.This is particularly handy thing for those cases where there is no possibility to update the makeup and remove the shine from the face is necessary.The conclusion is clear.Matting napkin should be in your purse every woman, the type of skin which causes abundant sebaceous glands.