Blush Bourgeois - product timeless

It all started in 1863, it is a little blush to round cans that were intended for the Parisian theaters.The variety of colors, fine texture, a pleasant smell and original titles (jealousy, love, etc.) for the first make-up sticks, invented perfumer Joseph-Albert Ponsenom, quickly gained popularity not only in the actor's environment, but also beautiful Parisian ladies.After five years of managing the company was Alexander Napoleon Bourjois, to ensure not only the global success of the company, but also gave the name of the brand, which has become a symbol of quality and variety of French cosmetics.

Bourgeois Blush - this is the first dry blush, which is already more than a hundred years, produced using a unique technology.Their fine silky texture, a pleasant smell and delicate diverse palette of saturated and pastel enjoys continued popularity among women around the world.True to its tradition of the firm still produces small round blush in jars, each equipped with a built-in mirror and brush for a be

tter kind of application.More recently, the traditional dry blush Blush added another product - a dual blush Bourjois Blush Duo Effet Sculpteur, specially designed for modeling of facial contours.These blush packed in an elegant square box with a mirror and a brush.They consist of two parts: a blush with a matte texture, which are put under the cheekbones to deepen and correct facial contour and blush with pearlescent, which are applied to the cheekbones and create mild pearl radiance, giving a special charm and make-up perfection.

selling cosmetics firm Bourgeois, which has a long tradition and the unique history of development and improvement, it is very much appreciated by women.Lipstick, fine loose powder, mascara and eyeliners are deserved success.Have your fans and classic dry blush Bourgeois.Reviews are usually only positive.Consumers enjoy a fine silky texture rouge, due to which they are well and evenly fall on the skin, creating a light natural tone, as well as their durability.Natural and naturalness, combined with rich colors and elegant decorative special general characteristic of French cosmetics, that is what it is valued by women for many years.A wide range of colors, which are different blush bourgeoisie, on the one hand, expanding choice, but on the other - at times baffling, since it is very difficult to choose the right tone is the color of the skin, eye makeup and lip.

How to choose and apply blush on their face?Of course, you can only give generic advice.For example, women with light skin and more attention should be paid to pink shades with a light pearlescent.On dark tanned skin will look more advantageous saturated colors brown and terracotta range, milk chocolate with a golden sheen, and women with moderately dark neutral skin can experiment with any shade of blush, picking up the color of his eye shadow and lipstick.And, of course, it is important not to overdo it with their number on the face.Blush Bourgeois have sufficiently intense color, so they need to be applied very carefully, lightly touching the cheek with a brush and picking up on it a small amount.This element of makeup designed to make the face of freshness and expressiveness, and not to sound like a doll.To properly apply blush Bourgeois and create the desired effect lights, stylists that companies give the following advice.Smile and apply blush to the most convex part of the cheeks and blend them with a brush in a circular motion, gently stretching to the temple.If blush color will be too saturated, the top cheeks to powder can be again.