New Year's make-up.

New Year's Eve - it's always a fabulous time when every girl wants to look like a real princess.And it's not just a luxury outfit that sold long before the festive feast.The image must be thought out to the smallest detail, all in harmony and mutually echoed in the general ensemble.A special place among the pre-holiday worries takes Christmas makeover.About him, and will this time it.

What can you come up with so special to shine better than their girlfriends?Fortunately, now in stores of cosmetics, you can buy almost anything.If only the imagination prompted options.New Year - a holiday when even the brightest and unusual make-up will look appropriate and relevant.For you would not depicted on his face, as long as it was bright and consistent general atmosphere of joy.

Christmas makeover may well be stylized symbol of coming year on the Chinese calendar.As an example, several options.

Dragon. Play in an unusual combination of colors like red and green.Moreover, the color should be bright and jui

cy, preferably with the addition of sequins and pearl.It is logical to assume that the red color will be on the lips, and green - around the eyes.To similarity of dragon skin scales using rhinestones.They are attached to a safe cosmetic eyelid skin glue and hold on long enough.This Christmas make sure to be in the limelight.

Tiger. Here's all a bit easier and more concise.Use the golden-beige lipstick and similar shade shiny crisp shadows on the upper eyelid crease.Under the eyebrows, apply a white color.Thin crisp palette of prey black arrows.Very impressive and at the same time quite soft makeup.New option in this case is easily converted into the evening.After all, he will be completely appropriate for any celebration.

Adhering to these tips, you can create any character makeup for the main winter holiday.Do not hesitate to take the initiative and to add their own unique touches.

New Makeup for brown eyes - a separate conversation.After all, they themselves are quite bright.What is there to think of?You can try to reproduce the image of the Snow Queen, which is perfect not only brunette with expressive facial features, but blondes.If you are the owner of the nature of light hair, carefully pre-paint the lashes with black ink and draw eyebrows, draw the contour of eyeliner.Then the makeup will not look too washed out.Even out skin tone creams, coming on the lips and lightly shade Trim powder.Use the Sun without effect.It does not fit the New Year make-up that we chose this time.You can use a matte lipstick shade flesh.For ever apply the shadow of cyan, light gray, silver and white shade.Darker colors leave from the lash, and apply the lightest high under the eyebrow.Lower eyelid move the brush with a little white shadows.The tips of the eyelashes tint silver ink.Make ready.

Whatever the symbol of the coming year, the green shadows will always be relevant in this celebration.After all, what is a celebration without a Christmas tree?Here and in the make-up may well be used emerald and brown shades.This combination is advantageous set off the gray eyes, as well as emphasize the light blue.You can also feel free to experiment with colored mascara.She did look softer and more mysterious.A similar effect is achieved if the top of the regular black mascara applied any shade of color.