Base under the shadow

eyes always pay more attention to themselves than other parts of the face.Therefore, they should always looks ideal.And if, immediately after applying makeup, you can convince the whole world that you are more beautiful than anyone in the world, by the middle of the day in a make-up can be scheduled flaws.For example, it turns out that the shadow applied unevenly.

order not to worry about such "trifles", you should pay attention to the fact that the application of the shadow involves the use of special funds applied for them.This tool is called "base under the shade."It is necessary to create a protective layer between the skin of the eyelids and cosmetics.With base achieved the effect that shadows do not crumble and will not melt for long hours.However, the base is not a means of caring, although many cosmetic companies, and include in its structure additional components that are beneficial to the skin.Yet this is not a complete remedy for skin care Eye.

base under the shade differs substantially

from the base face.It is applied directly on the eyelid skin to provide the expressiveness of color shadows and prevent the formation of the end of the day unattractive wrinkling of the skin in which the particles are collected shadows.

Everyone has their own skin type.And the skin of the eyelids is usually of the same type as the skin of the whole face.If you apply the shadow on the eyelid skin dry, then it is not easy to do, and they look paler than I would like, and too quickly crumble.If the skin of the eyelids on the nature of the fat, then go to the shade can be spotted, spread out and roll into the folds of the skin.Base under the shadow of helping to solve both these problems by creating optimum conditions for applying eye makeup: soften dry skin and creates a matting effect for fat.

structure foundations transparent and has a fairly thick consistency, but goes much more smoothly than the foundation.Incidentally, the base have another property.They have masking properties.If the upper eyelid show through small blood vessels, for example, comes from lack of sleep, the foundation will hide unsightly reddish or brownish spots.

There are several types of databases that can be used to prepare the eyelid skin to perfect makeup.Most preferred - with the effect of triple action.Such a database under the shade perfectly removes oily sheen, smoothes and nourishes the skin age it helps to apply the shadow evenly, ensuring their stability during the day.

Some ladies as a base using a concealer, but it is better not to do it, because the skin is very sensitive age and require care just using specially designed tools.Improper replacement can lead to the fact that the skin of the eyelids stretch and will get additional folds, which only will be even more clearly demonstrate all the possible shortcomings of the skin and makeup.

basis for shadow brush to apply a very thin layer, then lightly shaded fingertips.If turned too dense layer that surplus must be removed with a sponge or applicator.You can then be applied to the eyelids cosmetics.

use of such funds is not to be considered a luxury, because they really help to make a good makeup, almost on a professional basis.

better to acquire the means of well-known manufacturers in large shopping centers of beauty, to be insured against counterfeiting.They are represented not by all brands.For example, the base under the shadow «Lumene» is today one of the most popular and has a lot of fans.It maintains flawless makeup all day, preventing the appearance of oily sheen.It consists of natural oil cranberries, which gives the skin freshness and brightness.You can try the products «Mary Kay», «Artdeco» or «Beyu», which also proved itself well.