Mascara Lancome: magnetic gaze

What could be more attractive than the languid, expressive, open look.And even those women who use decorative cosmetics at a minimum, can not do without mascara.Only one wave of this "magic wand" allows visually enlarge the eyes and make a delightful sight.

cosmetic brands, famous and not so, today offer such a variety of mascara that when choosing a suitable option for long and confused.Advertising usually promises that the product that whether a company will make our lashes incredible volume and long, and look - simply enchanting.

However, stylists advise not trust advertising, because even the most hyped cosmetics brand does not always meet the declared quality.When choosing an expensive means is always better to rely on the reviews of those who have tried it, and the reputation of the manufacturer.

One of the most popular brands on the Russian market, and not only, more than a dozen years is the Lancome.Cosmetics of the company is unlikely to require advertising, gold rose, adorns jars and bot

tles with its production has long been the key to quality.Since its introduction in the cosmetic market Lancome mascara is one of the best.

To date, sales leaders are four product line of the carcass for eyelashes Lancome.Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages.Lancome mascara What to choose?Let's learn how to speak about these tools women customers.

Lancome Virtuose

Judging by the reviews, those who have already tried the Lancome mascara Virtuoso, product quality satisfied.The bottle is equipped with a slightly curved brush, which is very convenient, it allows you to effortlessly paint over each cilium.The advantages of funds can be attributed to tighten up and prolong the effect.In addition, the ink not showered, it is difficult to smudge even specifically, besides it is very easy to apply.

The disadvantages include its many sverhstoykost, ink can not be a simple wash cosmetic milk.In addition, it does not give a bright saturated black color, some of it seems rather dry.Buy a bottle of "virtuoso" by Lancome mascara can now be 1,100 rubles.

Lancome Hypnose

This is perhaps one of the most classic and proven tools line Lancome.As soon appear on the shelves, Mascara Lancome Hypnosis captivated many buyers.It is considered one of the most persistent, at least, the test easily withstand the rain.The application of even a single layer of the tool allows to achieve the desired effect - the lashes look more voluminous and thick.However, not everyone is happy oily consistency Lancome Hypnosis - ink does not always goes well.Many do not like the built-in dispenser, it is also sometimes causes problems when applying means.It should be "hypnotic" ink on the Russian market for about 1080 rubles.

Lancome Hypnose Drama

opinions about this tool is very controversial.Drama Mascara Lancome Hypnosis has the original brush, but it can help to put means so as to avoid lumps, very difficult.Many complain that in its application gives the effect of "spider legs" that, in principle, is not typical of other media brand.Some also do not like the smell of ink.

But the product has and dignity - it is hypoallergenic, and will suit even the owners of sensitive eyes.Mascara has a rich black, because of what has become popular with lovers of makeup smoky eyes, because in the background is quite dark shadows dim eyelashes can simply "lost".In addition, Hypnose Drama gives good volume and lengthens lashes, but it is if you are able to adjust to not very convenient brush.Should ink from 1000 rubles.

Lancome L'extreme

This tool is especially coveted by Russian women. not showered Mascara lengthens lashes and glues fairly well kept and, more importantly, virtually no odor.The bottle is equipped with a comfortable classic brush that allows you to achieve the effect of long lashes separated.Moreover, long-term use of ink does not dry out.But the lack of her is still there, and this is the price.Jar L'extreme cost buyers in 1700 rubles.However, judging from the reviews, the tool is worth it.