Medical cosmetics Avene.Otzyvy

Looking more insistent quality cosmetics of us first shtudiruet all mass-market, and secondly, passing on luxury facilities and only at the very least pay attention to skin care products.But it is - is not only a struggle with problems and daily quality and care themselves.One of these is the brand of cosmetics Avene.Reviews show her how wonderful therapy for oily skin can provide products manufactured by this company.Her cosmetics help to cope not only with the problems encountered with oily skin, but also to those that are characteristic of dry and sensitive.

Dropping of Avene reviews at numerous forums on the Internet say that and for the prevention of various problems these tools fit perfectly.The products of the company have cosmetics, necessary for daily care for every skin type.This cleansers, and various lotions, masks, the use of which is not only pleasant and efficient.

Like most companies that manufacture cosmetics Avene company works not only with the idea of ​​the types of skin, but

also takes into account our preference.Thus, for example, to cleanse oily skin is proposed to use a two-phase lotion delustering "Klinaks" or gel of the same series, which is made on the basis soapless.As for oily and dry sheets, for their cleansing it is recommended to use a cream or gel nutrient soap series «Cold» by Avene.Reviews of cosmetics in this series show that they fill the skin moisturizing elements and effectively restore the hydrolipid mantle.

to clean blackheads company has developed a wetting agent, represented in the form of a cream emulsion «Avene Cleanance K».Reviews about this tool, confirm that it is unique and has the advantageous properties of elimination of defects on the skin.In addition, this emulsion quite promptly removes irritation, cleans the pores and leads to normal activity of sebaceous glands.Apply on the face of it should be twice a day.Do not worry, if there is a slight tingling, this is a normal reaction of the skin to the components contained in the product.

As everyone knows, the functional purpose of a cream that is used on a daily basis, quite diverse.Yet one of the main stays moisture.To do this, use a cream Avene offers "Optimal Gidrans Leger."It provides enhanced and prolonged skin hydration and gives dullness.And to deal with sensitive issues covers best suited cream-gel «Clean-Ac Avene».Reviews of this great preparation.It has not only anti-inflammatory properties, and nutritional, moisturizing and regenerative.The drug is added to coconut oil that softens and protects the skin.In addition to these great qualities of the cream used for massage.

Speaking of cosmetics company the company can not think of Regulating cream for skin with acne Avene Diacneal.Reviews about him claim that the state of the skin after application of the cream significantly improved: rash fades and disappears luster.Retinaldigid, part of the drug, prevents the thickening of the skin and the appearance of blackheads.

Among other cosmetics have Avene sunscreen «SPF 50+», created for sensitive skin.The peculiarity of this drug is that it has no chemical filters.He leaves the pores open and does not cause allergic reactions.Therefore, the means is not suitable only for adults with hypersensitive skin, but also to children.In addition, this series can purchase milk for tanning without sun, and restores.

would like to note the universality of Avene.The brand is available and decorative cosmetics, ideal for sensitive skin.