Professional curling eyelashes: pros and cons

Beautiful velvety lashes with a graceful bend - is undeniable dignity of women that emphasizes the eyes and creates an easy and natural way.Unfortunately, not every woman can boast of such a treasure.And more and more women are striving for perfection, turning to beauty salons.Eyelash curler to help correct the defect and to achieve the desired result.Cilia can tweak yourself using cosmetic products, and it is possible to apply to the beautician, who will hold the perm.

eyelash curler at home

Somehow you can correct the situation on their own.For example, give the cilia bend obtained with the aid of special, tighten up the carcass.Pay attention to the product you purchased.As a rule, effective the carcass known manufacturers.But the effect of such a twisting of short and depends on the ability to use mascara.

There are also special tweezers for eyelashes, which have in the arsenal of nearly every fashionista.With this device you can make the necessary flirty lashes bend.But here, the effect will

not be prolonged.In addition, when mismanagement and frequent use tweezers cilia can break and fall out.

All these methods are good, if long eyelashes.But how to twist short and rigid hairs?Today the growing number of supporters of a perm.

Perm eyelashes: it takes place?

similar service offers virtually every salon.It is believed that it is absolutely painless and harmless.The effect of this tightening is kept up to two months.

So, curling eyelashes using chemicals lasts about 40-50 minutes.For the procedure, the wizard uses a means to strengthen the hair, adhesive rolls, played the role of the curlers, and retainer.

To start lashes treated with a special solution for the strengthening, and then wound on small rolls.The shorter the hair, the thinner the most rollers.Curlers must remain on the eyelashes for half an hour.The wizard handles the hair fixing means that fixes bend.Next you need to carefully wash solution and remove the rollers.

Usually chemical.eyelash perm lightens hair, so after a week after the procedure, they can be painted in a dark color.Re-twisting can be carried out not earlier than after 2-3 months.

Argued that chemistry can permanently damage the lashes.And many of the client's fear that perming eyelashes can be harmful to the eye.But if the procedure is carried out expert, the risk is reduced to zero.But to engage in a similar tightening at home, without having the necessary experience, it is strictly forbidden.

Perm eyelashes: contraindications

Like any other procedure using chemically active agents, twisting eyelashes has a number of contraindications.For example, the procedure can not be performed for women who are prone to allergies.It is necessary to be careful with the girls too dry and sensitive skin around the eyes, as after treatment eyelashes possible redness and the appearance of edema of the eyelids.

eyelash curler is not carried out during menstruation, as it is unlikely to give the desired effect.Within 3-4 days before the procedure is recommended to give up the sauna, solarium or the swimming pool.

Perm eyelashes: consumer reviews

In fact, reviews of curling is quite contradictory.The fact that the effect of the procedure is largely dependent on the skill of the cosmetician and quality used by the funds.So before you sign up for a twisting, inquire about the reputation of your chosen salon.