Anti-aging cosmetics Payot: reviews

Products French luxury brand Payot reviews traditionally gets pretty enthusiastic.This is not surprising.Women in Europe were able to evaluate the effectiveness of anti-aging skincare line companies in the 50-ies of the last century.Development of Dr. Nadia Payot, the founder of the brand, left in the history of the beauty industry is very significant mark.Her elixirs and medicinal mixture, as well as methods of using drugs in the home and in our days allow for many women around the world to stop and stay ahead of time.Still a closely guarded secret kept some of the components of professional cosmetics brand.

brand philosophy is based on several principles, chief among them - are not a means test on animals.In addition, the company refused to use products of animal origin in the manufacture of cosmetics.One of the principles is also to provide customers not only the finished product, but the recommendations on its use.

Beauticians brand developed two important components, which have been patented -

is a factor that protects against free radicals, and the complex Alzhiferm (cell recovery).These systems are designed to act on the cause of skin aging are the main components of the avant-garde makeup Payot.Reviews show that significant results can be seen within a month of regular use of funds.So, experts say that the depth of wrinkles is reduced by 23%, 16% and increases skin elasticity by 43% - the level of its moisture.Due to this effect Payot cosmetics customer feedback is very numerous.

Today the company represents more than 100 cosmetic products.For consumer convenience, all the means are divided into several lines, depending on the purpose for which age and are intended for any type of skin were calculated.In the arsenal of tools Payot extreme rejuvenation, revitalizing, restorative and stimulating.Let's take a closer look at what anti-aging products now offers Payot.

reviews anti-stress line Les revitalisantes reported that its funds are perfectly toned skin after regular use of cosmetics recovers its healthy color.This line is designed for those whose skin is under stress due to daily high loads.Means protect cells and fibers against free radicals and stimulates the cells energy, thereby eliminating the signs of skin fatigue.

About Drugs series of 30+ Les Correctrices by Payot reviews of consumers say that they are truly unique and effective against already existing surface wrinkles.In addition, the series products significantly corrected wrinkles.The line is designed for those who want to stop the aging of the skin and avoid future plastic surgery.Underlying assets - dermorasslablyayuschy dermoaktivator complex and consisting of a combination of hyaluronic acid and kombushki (black tea extract).These substances are filled with superficial wrinkles, significantly strengthen the deeper layers of fiber sheet.The composition also means components derived from an extract of rice, which affect DNA, whereby there is stimulation of regeneration mechanisms and protection of the skin.

Line 40+ Les Design includes a high-tech anti-aging agent with a velvety texture.The composition of the products of this series polyunsaturated fatty acids, vitamins E and A. Means stimulate cell renewal, supports the skin's structure, giving clarity oval face, reduces the signs of age and stops aging.

most revolutionary line of brand - Les Aox by Payot.Cosmetics reviews specialists and customers deserve tools due to the global anti-aging effect.In the manufacture of innovative products we used the most advanced to date technology in the field of anti-oxidants.The rejuvenating effect is achieved due to the protective effects on teplomerazu, making possible to suspend the process of dying cells.Laboratory specialists have Payot synergies molecules of these substances with strong antioxidant properties as pycnogenol and tocotrienol, and combined them with the other ingredients of the ultra high.For the development of these products and research in the field of antioxidants Laboratory was awarded.

In addition to these lines, the company's arsenal - a popular SPA-series Vitalite minerale with oligomineralami obtained from semi-precious stones - smithsonite, malachite and rhodochrosite.Liquid extracts are the same stones form the basis of the line salon body care Ressource minerale.In addition, the laboratory has released a series of anti-aging sun Benefice Soleil and a line for men from Optimale Payot, which means specially designed for male skin.