Crocs Size chart in inches

If you still think that combine comfort and fashion can not be, and any long walking tour must necessarily end with fatigue and pain in the legs, it means one thing - in your wardrobe no shoes Crocs.

TM Crocs - is the brainchild of the company Crocs Inc, is born with the invention of the Canadian company Creations Foam unique material - antibacterial polymer of natural origin, called Croslite.It is thanks to its properties Crocs shoes feel very comfortable and practical, millions of men, women and children around the world.A dimensional mesh Crocs shoes are covered all possible values ​​stop handicaps.

Secret Croslite

Croslite - This fine mesh resin (the composition of which is kept in the strictest confidence) that looks like plastic or rubber.But no more with plastic or rubber with his nothing to do there.Its structure - millions of microscopic closed cells, each of which is filled with natural resin.Under the influence of body temperature resin is heated, softened and makes shoes slightly chan

ge shape, gently and elastically oblegaya leg.But the manufacturer warns that all this will only be the case if the shoe size is chosen correctly!And for this you before you buy should be carefully studied dimensional mesh Crocs, as well as the right foot is measured.And rest assured - in this case, the shoes will be perfect to sit on the leg!

Due to the ease of the material Croslite weight of the shoe is almost not felt, and no matter what you choose for yourself the model and what size you issued dimensional mesh Crocs.This feature is highly appreciated by those who have to walk a lot during the day.

But this is not all the advantages of the material.In addition to these qualities, they can add it to hygiene - Croslite has antibacterial properties, which, together with elaborate ventilation system prevents their feet sweating and occurrence of unpleasant odors.

addition, Croslite material repels liquid and floats on water.It is easy to clean and dries quickly.One can hardly find a more suitable footwear for outdoor activities than Crocs, given the fact that its sole contains special jacks, slip.

But everyday models, such as shoes and boots, very able to please his master they do not break, do not fade, do not get wet, easy to clean, do not lose the ability to encircle the foot even in cool weather.Manufacturers claim that the Warm winter models retain heat even in 20-degree frost.

collections and models of Crocs

Manufacturers Crocs predicted that, to appreciate the convenience of summer shoes and enjoy active recreation in it, people will want to buy the model for the cold season.Therefore, Crocs has more than 250 models for every season and for every taste.And if you estimate the number of dimensions that contains dimensional mesh Crocs, we can say that absolutely everyone will be able to pick up shoes for themselves.Rigorous model, frivolous, monochromatic or motley - no matter what you choose, in any case, it would be easy and comfortable shoes.But let's see what offers us the manufacturer.

  • Winter .This collection is known for stylish women's boots with a heel and without, fun Pouter a la "Hallow Kitty" bright rubber "Krokbend Dzhaunt" strict masculine "Grills" - all the warm winter boots, waterproof and has a grooved-slip sole.

  • Spring .Footwear for this time of year is so different and yet so stylish!The collection of Crocs you will find everything - from insulated models (shoe, gym shoes, sneakers, children's fur Crocs), strict office "Rapid Loafer" and "Mary Jane" shoes-cast of Croslite to open clogs and sandals.It will help you in the selection of footwear Size chart Crocs.Baby you are interested in any model or adult - use it.

  • Summer .This collection can be compared with a colorful kaleidoscope of colors.Bright colorful clogs for adults and children, restrained "Bahia" and "Cyprus" playful "Gabby" and "Reina" open "flip" and glamorous Jibbitz - all waiting for you.

  • Autumn - not a time for sadness.In this you can be reasonably confident pacing in sports "Dawson" and "Krokbend Sneek Kids' Autumn shoes male" Cobbler Boots "or white ladies" Cozy Crocs Bootie Feyrisl. "

How to determine your size?

order to properly buy shoes, you will come in handy recommended Crocs TM dimensional mesh.Reviews "kroksomanov" confirm the correctness of the manufacturer's recommendations on the selection of shoes, which, in turn, reads:

  • Measure the length of your legs.Measurement should be done in the evening.By this time, his feet swell and increase in size.
  • for transition and winter footwear is desirable to make measurement legs in socks.As their thickness has an effect on the required size of the shoe.
  • Measurement accuracy should be a millimeter.
  • necessary measure both feet, and for the final result to take the maximum value.
  • When you have before your eyes is a dimensional grid Crocs (in inches or millimeters - no difference), the manufacturer recommends rounding result in a big way.

measure the length of the legs correctly

  1. bed on a flat surface sheet of paper, put it on his foot.It is necessary to move the gravity of the body on the foot, that is standing exactly on it.In an extreme case - sit tightly against the foot to the floor.Otherwise it is possible to easily make a mistake in size, and to decrease, and this is highly undesirable.
  2. Outline foot pencil so that it is always in upright position and touch foot.If you are interested in the size of Crocs for children (aged up to 12 months), for measuring the length of the baby's legs can be used rope, and then attaching it to the lineup.
  3. To determine the length of the foot, measure the distance between the most distant points along the length of the legs in the figure.
  4. Crocs Size chart will show you the true number of your foot on their scale.To do this, find the column "The length of the sole" as close as possible (up) to the value you will get.

Size chart Crocs for women and men

Women's Sizes

Length of sole (cm)



20,4 W 3 32,5
20,8 W 3,5 33
21,2 W 4 33,5
21,7 W 4,5 34
22,1 W 5 34,5
22,5 W 5,5 35,5
22,9 W 6 36.5
23,3 W 6,5 37
23,8 W 7 37,5
24,2 W 7,5 38
24,6 W 8 38,5
25,0 W 8,5 39
25,5 W 9 39,5
25,9 W 9,5 40
26,3 W 10 41
26,7 W10,5 42
27,2 W 11 42,5
27,6 W 11,5 43
28,0 W 12 43,5
Men's sizes

length soles



21,7 M 3 34,5
22,9 M 4 36,5
23,3 M 4,5 37
23,8 M 5 37,5
24,2 M 5,5 38
24,6 M 6 38,5
25,0 M 6,5 39
25,5 M 7 39,5
25,9 M 7,5 40
26,3 M 8 41
26,7 M 8,5 42
27,2 M 9 42,5
27,6 M 9,5 43
28,0 M 10 43,5
28,4 M 10,5 44
28,8 M11 44,5
29,3 M 11,5 45
29,7 M 12 45,5
30,1 M 12,5 46
30,5 M 13 46,5

As can be seen from the tables, step sizes for adults is 4-5 mm.Therefore, when measuring the length of the foot should be extremely careful.

recommended Crocs TM dimensional mesh children's shoes

mesh sizes for ages 0-15 years

length soles



9,8 C 2 19
10,7 C 3 20
11,5 C 4 21
12,3 C 5 22
13,2 C 6 23
14,0 C 7 24
149 C 8 25
15,7 C 9 26
16,6 C 10 27
17,4 C 11 28
18,3 C 12 29,5
19,1 C 13 30,5
20,4 J 1 32,5
21,2 J 2 33,5
22,1 J 3 34,5
22,9 J 4 36,5
23,8 J 5 37,5
24,6 J 6 38,5
Double children's sizes

length soles



9,8-10,7 C2 - C3 19-20
11,5-12,3 C4 - C5 21-22
13,2-14,0 C6 - C7 23-24
14,9-15,7 C8 - C9 25-26
16,6-17,4 C10 - C11 27-28
18,3-19,1 C12 - C13 29-31

We hope that the information presented in this article will help to choose the model that you will be wearing with pleasure!