Shaver "Philips" PT-870: features

Today, there are two of the most widely used system of electric shavers: Rotary and grid.The principal difference between them.First feature in that it consists of a rectangular knife protector and moving under it, and all the second tread and the same blade.Among grid systems is considered a favorite of the company "Panasonic", and the best among the rotor - is the shaver "Phillips."Reviews of machines the company - a continuous stream of praise.

Proponents of each system are constantly arguing, resulting in a lot of arguments to prove his innocence.But in essence, disputes of this kind are useless, since it all depends on the individual characteristics of the skin and style.Without going into technical details, we can characterize the differences as follows: grid electric shavers are better at one-day stubble, but the rotor faster, softer and cleaner shave three days.On this basis, the main criterion for the selection of your device - is frequency of shaving.You do it every day and want less irritat

ing to the skin?Your choice - a grid!She and smooth shave, and the epidermis poberezhet.Moreover, grid systems are much cleaner than the rotor, the latter are designed primarily for fans of stylish unshaven.To better understand the subject, let's take a closer look with some outstanding representative of its line.So our hero - electric "Philips" PT-870.

870 model has all the necessary characteristics.Three rotor blades and the movable block floating heads provide the highest level of shaving.All these advantages favorably shades affordable price.The device is going in the Netherlands, so the build quality is excellent.Created in China, 870 competitors are unrealistic far behind.Housing material - simple and at the same time, durable plastic.All connections are meticulously fitted - clearances, gaps, cracks are absent in principle.Completed this miracle power supply, charging, cleaning brush and user manual.In addition to the highest quality build electric "Philips" PT-870 boasts excellent ergonomics.Durable and comfortable grip, and she held the razor easily and freely.All controls are visible, so they are easily accessible.

Electric "Philips" PT-870 is equipped with a shaving HQ8, which is considered out of date.This gives rise to "lovers" to criticize this model.They call it outdated, but the reality is not so clear.In practice the new system HQ9 is much more expensive than its predecessor, but the shaving performance of such devices are not much better.In addition, replacement blades for electric shavers "Philips" PT-870 is easier to obtain.

Company "Philips" ulterior motive called "royal."This manufacturer is always trying to make their device is very reliable and very functional.Any man, any electrical devices, knows that very often there are situations when you need to shave, and there is no charge.That is why electric "Philips" PT-870 model can operate both on mains and battery.Also, this model boasts a built-in trimmer, which in the case which will help you cope with a thick beard, or create your own style.


Electric "Philips" PT-870 - a great option for those who value their time.This small but functional unit never let you down.