Watches «NIKE SportWatch by TomTom»

company "Nike", a manufacturer of high-quality sports clothing and equipment for the comfort of its customers.For lovers of active lifestyle create a convenient and high-tech watch.With their help, you can learn not only the time and date, and respiratory rate, heart rate, calories burned, run a route and return home - to load the data into the computer.

Package hours

Watches «Nike SportWatch by TomTom» comes in a compact package.On its obverse depicts the watch, and on the side - useful tips on their use.The package includes a USB-extension cord for easy work with a personal computer, a detailed multi-language user manual as well as a sensor that reads the information on the physical activity of the owner (it is placed in the sole of shoe).However, the shoes that need not the usual, but only special.

Appearance and useful features

The watch case is made of special wear-resistant plastic, the outside krpusa and bracelet entirely under the "soft touch" coating on the inside of the body c

oated with a special rubber layer, which provides maximum comfort when worn.On tortsevovoy panel has navigation buttons.Watches are available in three basic colors and one combined.You can buy a blue, black and yellow "TomTom".Operating temperature gadget: from minus twenty - up to plus sixty degrees Celsius.With this constitution, the gadget will suit athletes involved in any sport.Watches «Nike» equipped with a high-contrast monochrome display with backlight.To activate the night mode lovers of evening runs only need to click on the image of the company logo.Watches «Nike» connected to a computer via USB-adapter, which is embedded in the tongue strap.The connection is thoroughly: no gaps or cracks are observed.

Setting the clock

To configure the gadget, you must go to the site, whose address can be found in the instructions, and create an account.Then you need to download and install the app for hours.Now you can connect them to a computer for configuration.Once the device is determined, must go into the settings and enter the start information about yourself.Also here you can personalize your account.

use the gadget in the "Training"

After wristwatch «Nike» caught signal GPS - can begin.The run mode screen is divided into two parts.The bottom shows the distance traveled, but the top can display multiple values ​​- the average speed while running, calorie burn, world time, and maximum speed.Upon completion of training, press, and the data are locked.Then synchronize the clock with a computer and go to your profile on "Nike".Here you will find detailed statistics, route your last race, the mileage accumulated points and achievements.

Watches «Nike SportWatch by TomTom» - is a fully socialized gadget.Directly from the interface of the website you can go to the network "Facebook", where it is possible to monitor the achievements of friends and even compete with them.We should also mention the system levels.For each run, you will receive a certain number of "Nike-points" and after you type an impressive number of them, you will be assigned a level.As conceived by the manufacturer of the gadget should act motivating factor for people, causing them to move more, and then share your success with friends.In Europe, you can already buy a watch «Nike», whose price fluctuates between 130 euros.