Ledzhinsy: customer reviews, sizes, photos

recently migrated to the female wardrobe this type of clothing as ledzhinsy.This unique combination of convenience, our favorite leggings with designer jeans views.

Near them difficult to distinguish from the jeans.But thanks to modern seamless technology, as well as leggings, they have no buttons or zippers.

high level of comfort, special fabric and the effect of the contraction allows them to simulate the female figure.Under a well-fitting cloth underwear never seen.Thanks to all listed, such clothing will allow women to look not only smart, but sporty and stylish.

Classic denim fashion - ledzhinsy

They were more popular in 1980, the last century, and after so many years again gained importance.In 2009, there is new, made from the finest denim.It is this innovation initiated the development ledzhinsov.And already in 2010, the leading trade brands are beginning to include them in their collections.

Ledzhinsy: reviews and the whole truth about the wonderful clothes

Now you can find a weal

th of information about the clothes.Therefore, there are few girls that do not know what ledzhinsy.Comments about this new product varied.Someone thinks that it is a new breakthrough in the fashion industry, which remembered the ladies with appetizing forms.Others think that such clothing will not save their correcting, and the best way to pull your figure - it is the road to the fitness room.But whatever ledzhinsy, customer reviews about them mostly positive.In hot weather, they, of course, it is not necessary to wear, better to wait.

At first glance, there is nothing surprising, but it is necessary to put them on, and once you understand what they are comfortable!Absolutely not pressing and pleasant to the skin tissue.The girls, who love to travel, about the only positive reviews ledzhinsy.Scrolling through absolutely all sources, it is impossible to find a single reproach.They can be classified as an important element of the wardrobe for travel, since they fit perfectly under any outfit, whether it's a skirt, dress or shirt.Ledzhinsy have different styles, so ensure that every girl will find your ideal model.They are made of wonderfully soft tissue, which after a lot of washes will not change its quality, and this is the best option for travel.

About ledzhinsy reviews can be read in large numbers, but what's the use if not themselves feel the charm of these clothes?Wide belt, which is present in each model, levels and structures stomach.Your feet in the fabric feel fine, and buttocks and hips become more elastic and acquire appetizing forms.Ledzhinsy belong to the universal wardrobe, because to choose the right color, they can be worn with absolutely any thing out of your closet.They are heavy enough to not shine through underwear, and quite light, so that the skin receives the necessary oxygen.Even in classes on yoga, jogging, at the gym and other physical activities they will create the necessary comfort.And most importantly, there is no friction in the inner part of the buttocks.When washing do not use air conditioning, and as for drying, then dry ledzhinsy pretty quickly, which significantly saves time, if an urgent need to go somewhere.

Shop on the couch

Buy ledzhinsy please visit www.tvsale.ru.Ledzhinsy, reviews about the only positive that can be ordered for just 880 rubles.With this you get three pairs.Judging by the advertising slogan site ledzhinsy - a set of "3 in 1".The composition of the material include: cotton (65%) and polyester (30%) and elastane (5%).But we should not draw hasty conclusions about what if the store does not have many reviews on this product, so it is of poor quality.If you draw a general conclusion about the store and offered them the goods, you can draw a conclusion: the store is not fake, and the real, and reviews of other goods almost all positive, except for a couple of negative and neutral.

Slim ledzhinsy

dzhegginsy (this is the second of the name) like the axiom - no need to prove to anyone."Kearess Jeans" ledzhinsy became a hit of the season.Talented designers have taken into account all the positive qualities of leggings and jeans, which served as the basis for creating dzhegginsy.After their appearance the fair sex was ecstatic, and as for the men, and their eyes began to please the girl in such outfits.Any girl, pick out the perfect ledzhinsy, in the eyes of men becomes very attractive.Hip problem solved instantly, and the silhouette has acquired very different shape.One gets the feeling that it ledzhinsy became the embodiment of the dreams of all women, and fashion designers who gave the world the clothes, took on the role of magic fairies.

Benefits "Kearess Jeans" ledzhinsov

Each garment has its advantages and disadvantages, but the disadvantages ledzhinsam unfamiliar.And to understand this better, we need only to list all the advantages:

  1. They always look stylish.
  2. It's just magic clothing that tightens a woman's figure.
  3. surprisingly large variety of colors.Everyone can choose for themselves the perfect color.
  4. They do not differ in appearance from the brand of jeans.Therefore there is no need to spend huge amount of money to buy designer jeans.
  5. Ledzhinsy referred to as a universal type of clothing.Any place will be appropriate attire in which they are present.
  6. Although the tissue in ledzhinsov pretty tight, underwear unnoticed.
  7. Thanks to modern seamless technology ledzhinsy not leave any traces on the body and stripes.
  8. Designers did not forget about women's health.Ledzhinsy perfectly toned vessels.
  9. ledzhinsy you can buy in any store, and most importantly, at an affordable price.

From all of the above can be easily inferred that the mark "Kearess Jeans" producing ledzhinsy, gave the female wardrobe magic wand.

Brand "Kearess Jeans" ledzhinsy: Sizes

small size
large size

According to the table it is clear that the figure for the perfect pair of ledzhinsov be able to find even the most fastidious lady.But even the most beautiful and fashionable ones can not help a lady who fully launched his body and did not know what the exercise.Therefore, the beauty, if you want to wear such clothes with dignity, you need a little work on improving your body.Ledzhinsy, a photo of which is shown below, and successfully hide minor flaws.

Summing up

Here, in fact, everything that I wanted to tell you about this unique novelty of the female wardrobe.If you liked the information received and to inspire confidence, it remains only to purchase necessary for yourself the perfect pair ledzhinsov and rejoice in their taut figure.