Fairytale in kindergarten - education and correction of behavior kids

All have long agreed that the human word can work wonders.And in particular, it concerns children.But the little men do not like to listen to boring stories of adults, can not sometimes understand their speeches.However, a good educator knows that there is nothing more effective than skazkoterapiya.In kindergarten this method to convey to the child's consciousness truth is ubiquitous.

role in shaping children's fairy tale world

Fairytale in kindergarten helps children learn about the world, teaches communication shows ways to solve many problems.For example, all of the famous fairy tale "The Gingerbread Man" shows the individual growing up, that we should not trust strangers, to be too trusting.In the fairy tale "Cinderella" pronounced the idea of ​​the all-conquering goodness and punishing evil.Fairytale in kindergarten helps children overcome their aversion to food - many adults have to deal with this deviation in the children's behavior.But it often happens that punishment, persuasion, bribery

lead to negative results.But the amazing tale castle called Refrigerator, products in which they live, dream of having their people ate, can make a real miracle - the child will not just be happy to have it become an actor fascinating tale!

Reading fairy tales - a statement minispektaklya

Fairytale, whether in kindergarten, whether at home - is a science.It would be easy - to tell a story or read a normal kid?But do not jump to conclusions.If an adult is reading a book with a bored look, without expression, then the child will listen to it too boring and not very interesting.But if the narrator himself internally transformed into characters, changes the voice, imitating the sly fox, the bear-a foolish bumpkin, lowers his voice when the child should be agitated or the most attentive, the baby moves as if the magical world of Wonderland.Fairytale in kindergarten - activities that children enjoy, perhaps more than any other.

development of speech by means of tales

the classroom for the development of speech babies can be offered to take part in telling the tale.Usually in these cases, use the already known works in which some children are invited to sound fantastic characters, or even play some episodes.An interesting way to guess the stories from the pictures, the unfolding story illustrations in the right order, participation of children in playing puppet performances - playing puppet theater.

Long-term planning sessions on skazkoterapii

It is important to choose a fairy tale for children in accordance with their age characteristics, psychological problems - only positive result will reach skazkoterapiya in kindergarten.Project impact on the child's mind with the help of fairy tales must be prepared in advance, carefully thought out and designed for adults over a long period.Of course, this does not have to be strictly regulated project does not tolerate changes and improvisation - the teacher in working with children he must feel, at what point it should tell this story, and what a story it would be better to move to a different time.Nevertheless, the basic "skeleton" of the project must be defined in advance.