Toy-plane: the joy of children and parents

boys of all time, like weapons and the game "Who is stronger?", Where they present themselves as heroes, able to defend itself and its people against the enemy.Modern baby boys was even luckier - they, along with toys can virtually explore the seas, the earth and the heavens.These take into account the interests of toy manufacturers and those who come up with new cartoon characters.

"Cartoons" in stores

recently on Russian screens out the animated film "Planes", which is an extension of the notion of Disney "Cars".The new cartoon character was the main character of the little corncob, who desperately wanted to be the hero of the air spaces.In some ways he was disappointed and fears, but he was helped by loyal friends and mentors who believe in him and I wish him success.

Cartoon adequately explains the difficulties of overcoming the plane was Dusty himself and his doubts.Good character is loved by children and adults, and the toy industry, which is always on the alert, created a lot of games

and fun for children with the protagonist.There are options like:

  • puzzles;
  • plastic toy airplane;
  • soft toy;
  • RC model.

gift for any boy "toy plane" - a direct hit on target, since it is an opportunity to feel like a cartoon character or a fictional story that is rich in children's imagination.

Past maize Dusty and his friends is impossible to pass: with so much love, humor and imagination made models.In addition, children's toys aircraft so similar to their on-screen counterparts that any child would want to have them in his toy arsenal.They can be fun to play: Create your own AEROMIR, give each model its own character, from the designer to construct an airfield and hangar.This tale, which can get your child: in the fight against evil, he certainly will be the winner.

Game and development

Colorful toy airplane wakes children's imagination and develops motor skills and improves it when the child speaks for one or another character of his game.An inquisitive mischief will certainly be interesting to know the purpose of the aircraft, how they work and what designs are in the real world.

And when he learns that the pilot is in the hands of the steering wheel and a navigation system - the delight of the boys would be no limit.He's like an adult uncle, he will be able to manage your own aircraft: take off, maneuver, enter the "corkscrew" and even shoot at the enemy.No wonder toy plane is available in either a children's store.Prices are very different, depending on the size, shape, design complexity, capacity model.

The smallest

toy manufacturers have not forgotten about the youngest of their customers: toy "airplane" soft for the baby would be loved.She is bright, soft to the touch, all the elements are embroidered, so - safe.For parents, easy to use: just wash it in warm soapy water or in a washing machine at a temperature no higher than 30 degrees.Do not be surprised if the baby goes to sleep sweet sleep on it as on a pillow.Good night, future pilot!