Why does a child often write and what to do?

As you know, my mother, with special trepidation relate to the slightest changes in the behavior or condition of the kids.And sometimes you may notice that the child is often mentioned.Why is this happening?How to determine where the norm, and where pathology?

To say that the child is often written, it is possible only if the number of his trips to the toilet "in a little" more than the following figures.

  1. Children can write to one year from 15 to 20 times a day.
  2. kid who was not yet 3 years old, go "in a little" about ten times per day.
  3. for children six to nine years, the rate of - 5-6 "popisit" per day.
  4. Older guys empty the bladder 4 or 5 times a day.

Asked about why the child often wrote, there may be several.Maybe the kid something frightened, unable to relax and to hold urine for a long time.Paradoxically, some children often go "in the small" simply because they lack parental attention.If a kid my mother would say, for example, that he wants to write, she immediately distracted from their b


If a child is often written in the first place you must see to it that he eats and how many drinks the liquid.The reason for this condition may be certain foods that have a diuretic effect.If the kid leaned on watermelon, cranberry juice, melon or tea, then solve the problem is very simple - just to limit their use.

Of course, every parent has to be 100 percent sure that his child is not sick.To do this, you need to watch him, to evaluate its behavior.Any alarm should be a prerequisite for the rapid treatment to the doctor and delivery of all necessary analyzes.Frequent urination is a serious disease such as diabetes.In this case, the parents should be alerted if you notice that the baby's mouth smells of acetone, the child drinks plenty of fluids and tires easily.

Another reason for such a state can be a cystitis.If the child began to write frequently, it is necessary to pay attention to whether there is blood in the urine.Other symptoms of the disease - a painful urination, poor appetite and fever.In such a situation, you should pass bacteriological analysis, by which determine the presence of infections.Treatment of the disease requires antibiotics that are assigned exclusively physician.

frequent desires in a toilet "in the small" can be caused by an infection of the bladder, which provokes inflammation around the opening of the urethra.To facilitate the patient's condition can help salt baths.

If a child is often written, it may greatly worried.When nervous tension such condition is not uncommon.Even quite strong and healthy adults can walk "in the small" literally every 15 minutes if you have an important negotiation or a significant event.In this situation, the main thing - to understand what happens to the child.It can help a frank conversation on the souls.It is important that you at this moment is in a hurry, it is only on this condition, you will be able to listen to the child from the beginning to the end and try to help him.Perhaps he had problems at school, or it does not get you to the amount of attention and affection that they need.Protect your children!