Mothers Day Neptune in kindergarten

This holiday is a favorite among kids, resting in the camp.Often spend the day Neptune in kindergarten in the summer heat.In addition to the Sea King Neptune, the characters may be present, such as water, fright, mermaid, frog, jellyfish, monkfish and other creatures inhabiting the seas, lakes and marshes.Tutors to help trainers to develop scripts.

Neptune Day in kindergarten

Festival should be carried out in a very hot day, so be sure to pouring water, and in the kindergarten with its own swimming pool, and even bathing.In order not to spoil clothing, children participating in competitions, change into swimsuits or swimming trunks.

Feast Day of Neptune

first children welcomed presenter.It would take a holiday open and with the children calling the protagonist - Neptune.Includes music - any maritime theme, and under it there himself king of the sea.Along with him come his assistants, it can be chertyata, fagot, fish.Further, contests and games.Children are divided into two teams, with "sea" nam

e.If the kindergarten has a swimming pool, the water goes down to a safe level.Many tasks can be performed in it.

Games Day Neptune pool

"Bring a coin"

pool is divided in half along its bottom falls apart a few coins.Participants are divided into teams and the rate of the money collected in its area, handing them to his captain.The winner is the team that copes with the task first.

"Mine clearance"

Instead of coins placed into the pool Kinder Surprise chocolate with no load inside.Children catch them small buckets.The winning team, neutralize greater number of shells.

"moor the ship"

in the water down 2 boat.Team members have to moor it to the port, located on the opposite edge of the pool without touching hands, and just blowing on it.If the pool is not, then the game can be carried out on the playground.

"Please go to the swamp"

plates are placed on the ground and stones.It bumps.It is necessary to go from one end of the site to another without stepping on the ground.The winner is the team that has more participants failed to cope with the task.

"Save the fish"

on a stool placed buckets of water.At the other edge of the platform puts the banks in which there are plastic fish.Team members reaches the buckets, wooden spoon scoop it and quickly move back, and then brought the water poured into the jar.The winner is the team whose capacity will be filled.

"Collect rain"

stand on a stool assistants Neptune in their hands watering.They are spinning in different directions, grist.The children in the hands of disposable cups, in which they try to catch the "rain."

Neptune Day in kindergarten.End of holiday

In between competitions you can active arrange intelligent, picking up puzzles on the marine theme.Then summarize, the winners receive prizes losers - gifts.Neptune says goodbye to the children, their praises, said he did not expect that they would be so bold, strong and provocative.Then it poured water on each other.This is so much fun celebrating the Day of the Neptune in kindergarten.