How do I know the baby's gender

That happened a major event in the life of every human being - a pregnancy test showed a positive result, which means that the family will soon have a baby.This means that very little time is left before the happy mom will tie bows beloved little daughter, or a serious dad would teach his son to play football.There is a big question: Who is it that will please parents his appearance: a boy or a girl?And most interesting is how to determine the sex of the baby before the ultrasound?

unequivocal answer to this question does not exist.But there is a huge amount of will, which is a generalized experience of ancestors, kopivshiysya hundreds of years.To learn how to find out the sex of the child before birth thought all mothers.Therefore, on the basis of their own lives, they made some conclusions and summarize them, getting some regularity.For example, it is believed that if a pregnant woman there is a strong toxicosis, then most likely she is waiting for the appearance of her son.This is explained by the

difference in the hormonal background of the mother and fetus of the opposite sex.Although in this case, there are exceptions when a woman does not feel any ailments, and as a result is born a boy.

Some mothers tend to trust a special diet for conception, because how to calculate the sex of the child possible by eating certain foods.It is believed that if the mother wants more than her son, she should eat more salty, meat, nuts and others.This method is not scientifically confirmed, but many women gravitated during pregnancy for sweets, and then give birth to girls.During this period, my mother under the influence of hormones are changing not only the taste preferences, but all of her feelings.It is hardly possible to speculate on the menu of a pregnant woman on the floor of her child.Some

carefully studying the shape of the abdomen of a pregnant woman, so how do you know the baby's gender and you can on it.So it is believed that if she recovered strongly in the sides and belly in the shape of a ball, then presumably there lived a girl.And if from the back of a woman can not even say that it is in a position, then it will be a boy.This method lives in the minds of all mothers for a long time, but the science again, the same could not be confirmed.There is another similar way: to change the appearance of the expectant mother.So, women, pregnant sons prettier on the eyes, but the daughter usually take all the beauty.Scientists explain this by the fact that while carrying a boy, my mother received a certain dose of male hormones that can positively influence its appearance.

Before finding out the sex of the child, parents need to be informed about who or what influences it.Here the responsibility falls squarely on the shoulders of his father, as a qualitative component of the future offspring depends solely on him.In women, there are only X - chromosomes, while men are the holders, both X and Y - chromosomes.If during conception produced a pair of XX - chromosomes, the parents will be a girl, and if xy - chromosome - is sure to be a son.Thus, all men women accusations that she is unable to have a baby of a particular sex is absolutely groundless.

learn how to find out the sex of the child is written a lot, but no one method does not give an absolute guarantee.Even the US - a study may give an incorrect result.Some kids hide their genitals during the examination, which greatly complicates the determination of sex even in the last weeks of pregnancy.In addition, doctors are sometimes erroneously reported gender of the baby.You should not only look forward to a boy or a girl only.After giving birth to a child, the mother will have it no matter what floor, because it is the most favorite and most beautiful baby for her.Most importantly, the health of mother and her baby.