Is it possible for pregnant women to go to the cemetery and other superstitions moms.

Pregnancy - this time not only the expectation of something wonderful, but also plenty of worries.You have completely changed the rhythm of life, it is necessary to give up some habits and learn new, to think not about himself, but about the future baby.At this happy time moms are especially prone to believing in all the unusual and supernatural.There are many beliefs and superstitions that women awaiting baby passed from mouth to mouth.Is it possible for pregnant women to go to the cemetery to get a haircut or not sew or knit, and much more.For the most part all the signs originated in ancient times.The modern woman should be more competent and adequately looking at the world.Needless to pregnant women go to the cemetery or to prepare a dowry kid can decide exactly what you and nobody else.

thing is that believing in all these signs, you doom yourself to the fact that for nine months will only be afraid and live in fear to do something wrong.If you have programmed yourself to any superstition, it wil

l certainly begin to come true.Surely among your relatives or friends there are instances that love to talk, say that pregnant women can not go to the cemetery, as well as sitting on the doorstep, knit or play with the cat.Let's see who is right and who is wasting his nerves on faith in fiction.

Many believe that the stomach is not visible, it is impossible in any case to tell others about the pregnancy.This prejudice has come to us from the ancient peoples who thus tried to protect a woman and a child from evil spirits.Currently, this recommendation can only be associated with taking care of the safety of pregnancy with the threat of its failure to protect women from various inquiries.

Can pregnant women go to the cemetery?Why not?In this case, the level is only relevant to your sensibility and attitude for the funeral.Think if the dead are not too close to a person, it may be really better to stay home and not to injure the psyche once again.But if you want to say goodbye to a very close friend, the question of whether pregnant women go to the cemetery and should not occur.There is no reason, other than superstitious nonsense, do not go to, say, a memorial day to the grave of their relatives.

The sign that you can not cut their hair tied exclusively to the faith of our ancestors in that they are the lifeblood.At the moment, no evidence for this is not superstition.So haircut happy, would not make the same nine months being groomed.

take about that, you should not buy things for the baby in advance, and is suitable only for the ancient times.Then it was thought that if the clothes prepared, then it seems to be intended for someone else, otherworldly forces, because the child was not born yet.Now all modern women are purchasing adequate dowry baby long before birth.Why entrust it later to her husband, mother-in-law, if you can get is your choice of small socks and caps the most?

All kinds of superstitions that a pregnant woman can not look at the dead, ugly people and a variety of ugly things also do not have sufficient grounds.Just scholars advise you during pregnancy admire the beautiful, listen to good music and watching good movies.After all, the baby in the womb is already interacts with the outside world.

There is also a view that it is impossible to sew, knit, unravel the knots and stuff.Believe me, the cord entanglement can not be associated with the data classes.So next time when you want to ask, is it possible for pregnant women to go to the cemetery or hanging clothes, just think logically discard superstition and flimsy reasons.Rejoice and get pregnancy only pleasure.