Can you pregnant non-alcoholic beer

Pregnancy - a very wonderful and sometimes unpredictable period in the life of a woman.During pregnancy, the expectant mother is very changing, and these changes affect not only the appearance and physiology: change both the character and habits, and mood.A special theme - a change of taste preferences.Mainly related to pregnancy stereotype - is that from the first days of pregnancy supposedly should pull the salt.Indeed, since it is sometimes, but not as often as people think.There are also more frequent taste aberration, for example, an irresistible craving for beer.She noted many expectant mothers.Usually, it is caused by lack of vitamins in the body of the pregnant group, and therefore it is necessary to consult a doctor to address this issue.However, the passion for the drink pennomu not quickly pass, and still have a question: how to be?Of course, alcohol during pregnancy is extremely undesirable, and the first thing that comes to mind - it's non-alcoholic beer.Is it possible to pregnant non-alco

holic beer?

In fact this question at its apparent scrutiny has no clear answer.Definitely we can say that edema, and kidney problems drink any beer is not necessary, but it also applies to non-pregnant people, regardless of gender.Further, it is harmful if pregnant nonalcoholic beer depends on whether it is a quality: often such a beer drink anything from the title remains - is solid concentrates, flavors, preservatives and nothing natural.It is unlikely that this solution will be at least some benefit, however, is usually pregnant feel it and drink this drink will not because it will cause a very unpleasant taste, very far from the expected.This is due to the fact that a pregnant woman is exacerbated by the perception of taste and smell - a special protective mechanism designed to prevent the consumption of low-quality products.

debate over whether pregnant non-alcoholic beer, being also because it is often in pregnant women have problems with digestion, including heartburn, but on any beer it becomes very pronounced, and perhaps a couple of minutespleasure is not worth following hours of torment.However, under certain digestive disorders, particularly constipation, beer can be very useful.

also has no clear answer, and the question of whether pregnant non-alcoholic beer, natural living, or better, but in smaller quantities.There is absolutely no medical unanimous: someone believes that a glass of fresh beer once a week will not hurt, and someone thinks that something is yogurt consumed with caution.By the way, a pregnant woman with no pathological attachment to alcohol is unlikely to drink more than a hundred, two hundred grams of regular beer, and perhaps satisfy his cravings, no longer dream about it.But the effect of alcohol on the fetus can be unpredictable - sometimes very small doses it can create a teratogenic effect, so the risk is still not worth it.

question of whether pregnant non-alcoholic beer is still open: on the one hand, any commercially-available, even the most high-quality drink contains preservatives - or as if it was stored for a long time, but on the other - perhaps, the timely satisfaction of that desire will not allow him to grow into an obsession, which spoil the mood of the pregnant woman, and so unstable and unpredictable.Needless to pregnant non-alcoholic beer or not - to solve his own, but must take into account the general condition of the body, especially the kidneys, the load on that at this time already high.Maybe you just need to clean up the diet and enrich its required nutrients, a lack of which says the draft.In any case, the competent expert advice does not hurt.