The first signs of pregnancy: the rejection of smells, mood swings, changes in taste

Women know how important it is to diagnose early signs of pregnancy at an early stage of manifestation.It is necessary for those moms who ardently wish to become so, and for those who are very afraid of this.

Of course, in the first weeks of pregnancy signs are not a hundred percent accurate, as may well be linked with other processes in the body, such as colds, slight malaise (similar to PMS) or slight poisoning.However, the whole complex of sensations and can be interpreted quite differently - and better in this case to consult a doctor who can make an accurate diagnosis.

So doubtful and reliable, but such important early signs of pregnancy: subjective feelings, the absence of menstruation (delay) and, as a last resort, the test result.At first we would like to discuss in more detail, as it is for him and the woman begins to realize - a miracle happened.Subjective sensations may occur approximately 5-9 days after fertilization has occurred, when it expands and is attached to the uterine wall.The

first sign of pregnancy these days - changes in the hormonal background of a woman, which is expressed with pain in the breasts, spotting, fatigue and nausea.In some cases, it may be a slight increase in temperature (up to 37-37,2).These symptoms can occur intermittently or constantly manifested during the first trimester "interesting position" of women.

also the first signs of pregnancy include frequent mood swings, abrupt transitions from the inexplicable excitement to the whining and melancholy, until the depression.Sometimes a woman waiting for a child may experience obsessive fear and anxiety alternating with apathy and drowsiness.During this period, expectant mother can create a scandal for any reason, quarrel with friends or relatives shout at - this is not unusual, because her hormones and the entire nervous system is rebuilt and change that is inevitable.There is not one woman who is in the early stages does not suffer from mood swings, so the immediate environment should be prepared for anything.

A classic sign, which every woman should pay the most attention, is morning sickness, which is a testament to habituation of the child to any influence from the mother's body - to the harmful substances produced from alcohol and nicotine, as well asmicrobial or some elements of the incoming food.Baby has not yet formed, but rather cranky, perceives not all products that loves his mom, so she has to be more careful in choosing foods and get rid of bad habits.

first signs of pregnancy-related nausea, dizziness and headache is pain, sometimes turning into chronic migraine, as well as the sensitivity to changes in weather and meteorological changes.Such symptoms can not shoot drugs, because drugs can cause a negative reaction on the part of the body of the embryo and cause more nausea.

In the first trimester of a woman can seriously change its attitude to food, buy a big appetite without gaining at first no overweight.And as for the taste preferences of moms and say nothing - they always want something something sharply salty, unusually severe or simply marinated.In addition, the first signs of pregnancy may occur in changing the perception of odors.Before favorite flavors becomes quite disgusting and unusual - pleasant.