Is it possible for pregnant women to take a bath and what threatens posledsvy this pleasant procedure?

Pregnancy - the most memorable and wonderful period in the life of every woman.Feelings, Needs home fruit, thrilling premonition of the future appearance of the baby, caring and gentle attitude of others ... the list of delights that is experiencing the expectant mother goes on.We should not forget that pregnant women have to comply with many restrictions, that is necessary to give up some things that are inherent in everyday life.In this regard, pregnant women are often a lot of questions to which, of course, you must know the answer, because these things depend on the health of the future baby.For example, doctors often hear the question, why pregnant women should not take a bath, and if so, how to take a bath for pregnant women?To answer these questions is attempted below.

known that pregnant women get tired rather quickly, due to a heavy load, to give them fruit and processes occurring in the body.Of course, sometimes they want to relax, and the best remedy for this is considered to be a bathtub.B

ut is it possible for pregnant women to take a bath?

have to admit that, unfortunately, the hot tub in the position of women is strictly contraindicated.The fact that the hot water pressure increases and can even lead to premature delivery and miscarriage.Why do many experts to question whether it is possible for pregnant women to take a bath, replied in the affirmative?The fact that the reception of the bath does not necessarily imply the use of high temperature water, steams body, so that many people like.

Many have heard that pregnant women can, and must attend pools.Swimming is very positive influence not only muscle tone, but also improves the condition of the nervous system.Meanwhile, many expectant mothers for various reasons are not able to use the swimming pool.In addition, a public swimming pool has a number of shortcomings, presented a strong chlorination of water, as well as relatively high risk of contracting infectious diseases.

Therefore, the best decision will "pool" right at home, that is in the bath.Of course, to swim in straitened circumstances, does not work, but a dip in the cool or lukewarm water (30-36 C) is possible.In addition, the permissible use of sea salt.In such a bath can remain longer than 10 minutes, to achieve the same relaxation as if the water was hot.Taking a cool bath, the effect achieved by the pool, that is relaxes muscles, calms the nervous system, cleans, a decrease of edema, improves blood circulation in the lower extremities.In addition, the appointment of such a bath is available at any time.It is only necessary to strictly observe one condition.During the reception, bath pregnant woman should not be alone in the house.Next should be the person who insure it, will help to get out of the bath in case of unforeseen situations, as well as support to the woman in the state fell, slipping on a slippery floor.

If the bathroom is more or less clear, it is worth more to warn pregnant women of the same common mistakes.Soar legs, that is immersed in hot water, pregnant women are also prohibited.And this state of affairs is due to the same reasons that doctors give a negative answer to the question whether it is possible for pregnant women to take a bath: during exposure to hot water there is increased blood flow to the legs and pelvic organs, which can cause bleeding and lead to premature birth and evenmiscarriage.At the same time you need to wash your feet, and then you can do the same as with a bathtub - just use warm water with sea salt, extract of pine needles or infusion of herbs.

We hope that after reading the above, it became clear to everyone, whether it is possible for pregnant women to take a bath.