Tips expectant mothers what to take to the hospital

future mom can catch the onset of labor in a completely unexpected place and at the wrong time.Therefore it is necessary to prepare for the birth of a new life and decide what to take to the hospital.All the things that may be useful in the hospital for the mother and baby should be collected after 32 weeks of pregnancy.Otherwise, then, when everything will happen unexpectedly, have to ask the husband or relatives who can not find or confuse the right things.Best of the expectant mother to do everything in advance.

addition to all fees and preparations remember from that time to take with you when leaving the house exchange card and passport.Then, in an emergency, if you need urgent hospitalization, it will not be lost precious time.Determining what kind of things to take to the hospital, divide them conditionally to those required to be mother and baby need.

for moms.

main thing we should not forget, and it is desirable to carry a - a document: a passport, a health insurance policy, exchange ca

rd with the results of analyzes, the direction, the mobile phone.If your labor will be paid, take a contract for this service.

-for prenatal period.

You will need hours preferably with a stopwatch to measure the frequency and duration of contractions, washable slippers, wet wipes and liquid to drink: it is desirable to special herbal tea or non-carbonated mineral water.

-after birth.

Sanitary pads high absorbency.Home suit, bathrobe, pajamas, nightgowns.Two bra (preferably clasp was in the front) for feeding, shorts, warm (not wool) socks and handkerchiefs.What should be taken to the hospital of toiletries - a soap and shampoo, toothbrush and toothpaste, toilet paper, hypoallergenic cream (without perfume) and the minimum required cosmetics.With a you can take and some entertainment to your taste: knitting, crossword puzzles, player.Will come in handy notebook and pen, you'll likely want to write something important from the early days of baby's life.

-veschi child.

From what to take to the hospital for the baby, especially diapers, take in a small amount to test what his reaction would be to them.2-3 cotton sweaters, tank tops and vests.The same blouses with long sleeves and sliders.Do not forget socks antitsarapatelnye mittens, booties, two pieces of warm (flannel) and thin cap.To extract the clothes should fit the weather season.All the clothes for the baby should be very carefully washed and ironed to avoid allergic reactions and irritation.Because of those things, what to take to the hospital with him, cause controversy pacifier and nipple with a bottle.Of course, you can take and a pacifier is only pre-verify that it is designed for children from zero to three months.However, many expressed the view that the use of pacifiers at such an early age leads to the baby during feeding takes bad chest.

often in the hospital my mother strongly recommend to finish feeding the baby from a bottle, take it seriously and responsibly.Firstly, when using infant formula or solution dopaivanii boiled water and glucose, there is a risk of digestive disorders, the development of dysbiosis and just getting an infection immature body.Second, feeding nipples will not give the baby to learn the right skills sucking, because the breast sucking child should not only work the muscles of the lips and cheeks, and tongue muscles.

from foods that take to the hospital, you can ask later to bring the non-carbonated mineral water, fruit (preferably apples and bananas), dried fruits (not dried apricots), boiled meat (can not poultry and egg).When breastfeeding baby, try not to use salt and sugar.That's all pretty simple tips.