Abortion in the early stages: more efficient, less dangerous

Abortion is never safe!That's not tire of repeating doctors to whom women turn to abortion at any stage.And even if you do not waste time on arguments about the ethics of abortion or total inadmissibility of artificial termination of pregnancy, leading to miscarriage, serious and extremely dangerous blow to women's health.Experts call abortion a kind of women's dress, because she casually refers to contraception.

Even if the abortion is carried out in the early stages, if the operation is carried out at the highest level and the patient after she feels well, there is no guarantee that in the future for the body will not have any consequences - ranging from tumors and ending incurable infertility.

Operation abortion is usually performed for up to 22 weeks.There are spontaneous abortion, called abortion, and artificial, conducted with the help of surgical or other type of intervention.Abortion in the early stages, which is considered a more effective and safe, may be performed before 12 weeks of preg

nancy, in the later stages - after 12 weeks.In this case, his conduct is caused not only by the desire of women, but in accordance with certain medical (non-viability of the fetus, the threat to the health and life of the mother), as well as social reasons (the woman is considered to be a single mother or a mother of many children, became pregnant as a result of rape or has the status ofRefugee).Late-term abortions is much more dangerous, so this operation is necessarily controlled by a group of doctors and carried out with the utmost care.

for up to 12 weeks of pregnancy interruption in its operation can be drug, which used drugs that affect the hormone progesterone, preventing its effects on the uterus.The main such means is "Mefipriston", which is assigned to the medical abortion drugs in combination with a prostaglandin, able to strengthen the process of uterine contractions and to accelerate the rejection of the ovum.

best such way abortion valid for up to 8 weeks, and its advantage is that later requires little or no extra surgery.Sometimes this method is called "abortion on the same day."The process takes place in several stages - the first woman takes three pills of the drug in the presence of a doctor and sent home.The second stage begins after one or two days, when the female body is rejected ovum, which manifests itself in bleeding similar to menstrual.Any abortion in the early stages, as well as any other intervention in the functioning of the organism, have to be monitored by experts, and after a certain time is necessary for a complete examination.

at the earliest timing of the operation of abortion is carried out in the form of mini-abortion (vacuum aspiration).This happens as follows: 5-6 week in the uterus introduce a special vacuum aspirator, which is a large syringe with a special nozzle.The vacuum produced by the instrument, and facilitates detachment from the uterine wall of the ovum, i.e., termination of pregnancy.The operation is performed under general anesthesia, and in the case of an incomplete fracture and separation of the ovum, requires additional manipulations performed in ordinary instrumental abortion.

addition, abortion in the early stages are often carried out by means of scraping the uterus, or instrumental termination of pregnancy.This method is most effective, and, at the same time, dangerous, however only performed before 12 weeks using anesthesia.During the operation, special extenders disclosed cervix, after which it entered a cavity metal loop - a curette - a basic tool scraping the uterine cavity.It should be noted that this operation is a serious surgical procedure can lead to a variety of effects and complications.