Teenage pregnancy: abortion at home - not an option!

pregnancy, unfortunately not for all is a godsend and long-awaited event.It so happens that a baby does not correspond to the plans and possibilities of the future parents, and often they are simply not yet ready to become them.As a rule, it is still very young people often have not graduated from high school.It's quite a difficult situation when it seems that there can not help anybody, because parents tell what happened is terrible - it seems that they can not get into position, and without their permission to provide medical assistance to anyone not entitled to.In fact, to tell her parents what had happened - this is the only correct way out, and the sooner the better.If you really tighten to address the issue, the choice has already left.In the early stages of the same can be done to minimize the devastating effects of medical intervention: for example, the consequences of a mini abortion not so catastrophic as with the full medical abortion, but it is only at the early stages.

Unfortunately, many girls believe that the only way out for them - it's an abortion at home.Say, and parents do not know, and the problem will be solved.But to do that is by no means impossible: Abortion at home - it is a huge risk not only for health but for life, especially at such a young age.This operation is therefore quite dangerous, even if carried out in a medical institution - post-abortion complications are not uncommon, and carried home, he becomes incredibly dangerous.Unfortunately, at a young age, people rarely think about the consequences, and not able to adequately assess the risk, so often go to all, including the most extreme measures, without realizing that ruined health, and even life, are not comparable with the mother's disapproval.

How dangerous abortion at home?First, the means used for this purpose, not only ineffective, but also dangerous to health as a whole.As a rule, such abortion is meant to provoke a miscarriage of popular recipes.It can be any herbs or medicines in concentrations monstrous, various baths, often combined with alcohol - more often it does not lead to the desired result, and the poisoning of a failure of internal organs, the function of which is sometimes not possible to restore life.The child receives as a result of severe intoxication and yet born, but the possibility of all sorts of deviations is extremely high.It turns out that the person wants to solve the problem without betraying its public, but this shall all men and two lives are ruined forever.

If the abortion at home is still held, the huge number of cases opened heavy bleeding and often it can be stopped only by removal of the uterus.This terrible operation leaves no hope in the future that will ever have desired a child.In the case of the unconverted to specialists such uterine bleeding inevitably leads to death.

Of course, many people believe that the best solution to the situation of teenage pregnancy - to keep the baby.They are many arguments in favor of such a solution, but few of them would have done so in such a situation.Perhaps it's really the best way, at least, certainly better than abortion at home, but any balanced and seriously considered decision has a right to exist.Each has its own life situation and their arguments, and no one has the right to judge other people and their actions, based only on their point of view.Each Gisenyi situation it is necessary to choose the lesser of two evils, and if a person decided to abortion, let alone better it will happen in civilized conditions, and children yet to appear, but when a person is ready for it - they have the right to be wanted and loved.