How to have an abortion.

I will not say that abortion is bad that you kill a new life, etc.All this infinite write in all thematic sites and discussion forums on many women.I can only say one thing, that every woman has the right to decide you need it or not, of course, if it has reached the age of majority.Otherwise, this is another, no less urgent problem today.But about it we will not say.

Today the problem of unwanted pregnancy is very acute in Russia and abroad.Despite the large number of different methods of contraception and the widespread promotion of safe sex, statistical data on officially registered abortions remain disappointing.Moreover, they continue to grow every year.Not to mention the number of illegal abortions.

Given all this, it is necessary to share information on how to abortion and abortion options.

How do abortion.

There are several types of legalized abortion:

- medical (only possible up to 45 days after conception)

- vacuum extraction or mini-abortion (no later than the fifth week)

- medical abortion (up to the twelfth week of pregnancy)

After a twelve-term abortion is prohibited by the legislation of the Russian Federation and the violation of this law is punishable under the Federal Criminal Code.

little bit about each of the types of abortion (like abortion).

Medical. considered the safest and highly effective in the early stages of gestation.The procedure includes pre-commissioning tests, then a pill (often used Mifepristone (Russia) or Mifegin (France)) under the supervision of a gynecologist and ultrasound.After this procedure, the woman's condition is sufficiently stable and can continue to lead a normal life.

Vacuum extraction or mini-abortion .This method has already relates to surgical, but with less damage.Produced suction embryo from the uterus while the uterus is not affected.With such abortion is likely incomplete removal of the embryo.To confirm the result usually use ultrasound.

medical abortions. most traumatic of all methods of abortion.It has the largest number of complications and long-term negative consequences.He performed by curettage of the endometrium (uterine lining), along with fruit with special tools.As abortion by this method, you can find in the video, which often spread to the Internet, in order to intimidate negligent mothers.

Pregnancy after abortion.

Many women who for one reason or another in the past resorted to one or more of the above embodiments, are given later in this question: "Is it possible to get pregnant after that?"and "how to get pregnant after an abortion?".

Actually subsequent pregnancy depends on many factors and is very individual for each woman.It depends also on the number of abortions, and the timing at which the abortion was done, and the state of the woman's body and on many different factors.

However, pregnancy is possible, as long as it was desired.

The first thing to remember - a pregnancy should always be planned.

Before that both spouses are required to be trained, iesurveyed, spend their prevention of chronic diseases (if any), stop drinking alcohol and smoking for at least three months before pregnancy, to take a course of vitamin therapy, and most importantly, take care of your psycho-emotional state, and pay attention to each other.It is as important to the future baby's harmony in the family.