What to feed the budgies: tips for beginners

you bought a pet - wavy parrot.Beautiful, small, talkative and cheerful bird - this is the first impression people who have seen of this species.But not all at once think about their natural needs: where they live in an apartment, how often you need to clean the cage, and finally, what to feed the budgies.Well, the first two points, you can answer a couple of words - to live in a cage, clean at least once a week.But feeding ... This question may be even necessary to give a detailed answer.So, consider the theme "Feeding the budgies".

birds of this species are omnivores, but that does not mean that you can feed them any food.First, we analyze the composition of the diet wavy miracle in feathers.

your parrot to be healthy, it needs to be fed and dry foods, and fruit, without diminishing the value of each component.

begin with dry food.In the pet to a question about what to feed the budgies, any seller categorical answer: "feed!" - And points to a shelf laden with them.The next question: "What is qua

lity food?" And here it is necessary to look not only at the expiration date, but also on the packaging.It should be sealed in plastic and sealed, ie,protected from the influence of external factors: moisture, pests.The carton is better not to take, and I do not advise to change the manufacturer.Ingredients should be permanent.Speaking of the latter.Take the time to direct their attention to the part of the package with item "Composition."The dry food should not be a fruit!Even if the maturity date it is fresh, they may be many, many months.

feed purchased, and how much of it should be in the diet wavy parrot?Its rate - 70% of the daily diet of a bird.A parrot in grams should be given about two teaspoons of dry food a day.All the rest of the pet food up berries, fruits and vegetables.Here we have reached and juicy fodder.

As you know, juicy fodder account for 30% of the basic diet of birds.It is vegetables, fruits and berries.Many hear the answer to the question of what to feed the budgies that allowed natural food immediately exclaim something like: "Yes, easily! Now run to the market."But I hope you understand what you need to give fruit feathered only fresh, and even then not all.Do not give them budgies some tropical species, such as persimmon, mango, papaya and avocado.Permission is granted to feed fruits such as apricots, pears, bananas, oranges.Separately

also say that they are counter-nuts and seeds, creating a burden on the liver bird.Now on to the berries.

Berries parrots can be given any, as long as they were edible.This plum, grapes, cherries, raspberries, pomegranate, strawberries, currants and sea buckthorn.

Vegetables budgies are too selective.For him, there is a taboo on the following: celery, spicy greens, sorrel, potatoes, onions and garlic.You can give such plant foods as cabbage, carrots, tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, squash, cucumbers, beets, zucchini, corn, turnips and beans.

I think, would be superfluous to say that prior to use birds of fruits and vegetables should be thoroughly washed past and pull out of them all the seeds, if any.

As an additional source of vitamins budgies can be given to branches of fruit trees and bushes, aspen, birch, hawthorn, hazel, maple and chestnut.It is best to collect them in relatively clean places - away from the plants, highways and other air pollutants.

forbidden to give them branches of acacia, bird cherry, lilac, pear, poplar, oak and pine trees.

Weekly budgies can give boiled chicken or quail egg (about 5 grams per individual), meal worms, or low-fat cottage cheese grainy.These products are protein sources.During molting and reproduction of their number should be increased.

these birds also need calcium, which can be a source of chalk or a mineral stone.

Many owners of parrots include in the diet of their pets mess, giving it to them to 2 teaspoons a day.For its preparation you can use one or more of all grains.But bird porridge need somewhat different specifics of preparation than that of men.To prepare the porridge is really useful for your feathered pet, follow a few rules:

  1. Before using the rump must be properly washed.
  2. not add porridge soup, milk, sugar, salt and spices and cook it should be only on the water.
  3. Groats also can not cook, and steamed.

When answering the question about what to feed the budgies should also be borne in mind that it is strictly prohibited fish, meat, bread, dairy products (except grainy low fat cottage cheese), as well as any food from your table.You can not add to the food these birds spices, salt and sugar.

This whole diet full adult wavy parrot.And if you have got some heterosexual individuals who have given posterity?Here the question arises: "What to feed the chick wavy parrot?"And he is not unfounded, because the adult diet is significantly different from the diet of the young.So, chicks ... What they eat?

In the first days after hatching, better feed their mother, because at this time they eat milk goiter, which is formed in the female muscular stomach.When the young budgies a little older, gradually start giving them softened grain.And such a diet - milk mother thymus plus softened grain - will have until the chicks until they get stronger and begin to fly out of the nest.Then they will learn to eat the same food as adults.

That's all that concerns the power of these birds.Now, on the question of what to feed volnisth parrots, you can respond accurately and with confidence, and also to apply existing knowledge in practice.