British cats always show character

British cats have a really special character.They are characterized by inner strength, endurance, and endurance aristocracy.This breed is very closely matches the nature of the present British, who gave the name of this breed of cats.

British cat sociable and contact, affectionate and friendly.They are easy to get along with almost all the family members.His host or hostess do they love selflessly.Behind them the cat may follow from room to room for a long time to be always there.

British cats show the character in his every movement.If they lie on the bed, then carefully on the middle.If they are sitting, it is important to look around.They have plenty of patience, very fond of children, they get along very well with other pets.However, as children's toys should not start a Briton.Yes, they're quivering show their love and affection to their masters, but cats of this breed will not tolerate too much familiarity attitude.The owners of these smart, wonderful creatures often claim that their animals

are all kind show own unsurpassed value.

Briton for many reasons can be regarded as an ideal cat.It is usually a good look, interesting character, rich color, very solid feel.These cats requiring respect, easy to care for and have a calm temperament.These features rocks and explain their popularity so rapid.

British cats do not change their character, and they are difficult to rehabilitate.If a cat has decided that his place - it is your pillow, it is useless to argue with him.Once you leave the house, it still lies at her.

With regard to the pan, bring up the Briton not necessarily.Cats of this breed quite smart and will do all to understand.Even a small kitten in a new home is sure to find a toilet, and sharpen claws he never does not allow on your furniture.Kittens require special care.Their bed should be located away from drafts, at a certain elevation.If a kitten blows, his eyes begin to tear.

Kittens show your character from an early age.They may cry loudly, if left alone in the room.Kittens of this breed are constantly demanding attention.They are very playful and love to chew on their toys.

British cats have character, though quiet, but always against frolic.The owners should be given time to play with the animals.These pets are natural Neat for washing the cat spends almost half of his free time.

The food did not finicky cats.Kitty can be fed natural food, which it will be infinitely happy.Food Brits eat willingly.But mix the two types of food are not worth it.If you prefer to feed your pet, home-made food, you need to remember the following rules:

- Do not feed the cat salty, fatty, sweet and spicy;

- you can not give animal fat meat;

- recommended food for British meat chicken and rabbit;

- it is advisable not to give a cat a fish (fish diet can cause urolithiasis).

Here they are, the British cats.