Aquatic frogs: Description and conditions

Recently, in home aquariums, in addition to fish, newts and turtles, are increasingly seen water frogs.They are quite unpretentious and with proper care will please its owner for several years.

clawed frog aquarium

At home usually contain amphibians, which have been specially brought from Africa.The most popular is the African clawed frog aquarium.It is quite large - up to 15 cm in length.Therefore, when buying such a pet, keep in mind that a small aquarium for it will not do.

Xenopus has a very interesting appearance: close-set eyes, a big mouth.These features make it a very remarkable appearance, slightly smiling and tricky.The forelimbs much smaller than the rear and do not have membranes.Also worth noting is that they are rotated inwardly.The rear legs are more developed and have webbed claws.Navigate in the water amphibian help the hairs that grow in significant depressions on the body.

very popular among fans of these animals aquarium uses white frog - is artificially bred species of amp

hibians clawed.Other representatives of this type have a brown color with visible stains.

water in the aquarium, which is home to this frog have to change quite frequently - once every 3 days, otherwise the animal will live in unsanitary conditions.However, the additional artificial aeration and filtration, it is not needed.It feeds mostly on insects, but will not refuse from the earthworm, small pieces of meat, minced meat or fish.This frog is best kept in a separate tank.Otherwise, it will eat all small fish and other small their neighbors.

Aquatic frogs gimenohirus

Unlike clawed breed representatives of this type have a fairly small size.Adults grow to 4 cm in length.In gimenohirusa long body with a pointed snout and slender legs.He is gray with dark spots and a light belly.Females tend to be slightly larger than the stronger sex.

to this amphibian was not able to jump out of the aquarium, it must be constantly covered with the cap, leaving only a small space for air access.

Gimenohirusy more thermophilic than the clawed frog aquarium.Their content in the home requires strict temperature control.If the water is colder than 20 degrees, this amphibian starts to hurt.

preference they give a live feed (tubifex or butterfly), but can also be fed with special dry mixes.

Keep them can be in a separate tank, and with the fish.However, you should avoid neighbors predators large size Posklku Gimenohirus could become their lunch.

Aquarium pipa frog Korval of

This species of amphibians grows up to 8 cm in length.The body has a flat shape with a triangular head.Pipa is colored gray-brown with small dark spots on the abdomen.The female of the aquarium frog considerably larger than males.

Its main feature is speed.Pip's moving very rapidly.She gets along well with other inhabitants of the aquarium and do not harm any fish or plants.Eating can both dry and live food.