Consider the breed of hairless cats

According to scientists, the history of these amazing creatures began in ancient times.Breeds of hairless cats have been known in ancient Egypt.They are revered, they treated them tenderly and respectfully.According to ancient legend, the animals lost their hair a person to protect it from bad weather.

representatives of the breed of hairless cats called the Sphinx.So in Egypt in ancient times it was called a mythical creature, which had a lion's body, a woman's head and wings of an eagle.It was a product of the evil, the embodiment of destructive force.Why just called harmless "God's messenger", bald cats is not known.Presumably, the reason was a striking resemblance to an animal in a sitting position with the mythical heroes.

can be argued that by the beginning of the twentieth century, there was no hairless cats.Rare species virtually disappeared.Although there was some appearance of completely bald litters of kittens, but officially the revival of the breed was recognized in 1978.

Until now, people often argue, how to call representatives of the breed of hairless cats.In ancient times, they got the proud name - the Sphinx.But now there are three known varieties of the breed: St. Petersburg, and Canadian Sphynx.Today, the most common are the Sphynx, they became the ancestors of other species.

In 1975, in Canada, have the most common cat born besshёrstny kitten, named Epidermis.This cat was the founder of all breeds and elite lines known to date.

later to maintain the breed of hairless cats, unique Sphynx, and in Europe and in America, animals bred to Sphynx and Devon Rex, and their immediate family members - representatives of the feline in appearance are the most similar.

today with great regret we can state that the majority of modern sphinxes resemble bald Devons pretty mediocre type.They have thin skin, too short for the head of the Sphinx and Sphinx uncharacteristic round eyes.Their body is too weak and skinny.All of this suggests a clear degeneration of the breed.Wrinkled skin, makes these animals look like little old men, has become rare in adults sphinxes.

Many modern sphinxes more like a porcelain figurine than such attractive wrinkled dwarfs, they were before.The most "folded" today are the Canadian Sphynx, taking its origin from the legendary epidermis, although its data are clearly not up.

In 1987 Elena Kovalev picked up on the streets of Rostov-on-Don blue-cream cat, who was named Varvara.As a result of mating with a cat Basil Barbara appeared Chita, who took Irina Nemykina, founded the kennel "myth."It was there from the mating of Chita and Hannibal were first sphynx, which were first presented at an exhibition in 1993 and the breed was recognized officially only in 1998.

One of the first kittens that have been put up for sale - Afinogen Myth - moved to permanent residence in St. Petersburg.There's him and Radmila Jager von Hof, oriental cat, which had a world title, the first St. Petersburg sphinxes.